What is Administrator Workbench (AWB) in SAP BW

What is Administrator Workbench in SAP BW

Administrator workbench (AWB) is one of the important tool of data warehouse management system (WMS) in SAP Business Information Warehouse. Administrator workbench tool is the heart of SAP BW. AWB tool helps to control, monitor and monitor all the processes that connected with data staging and processing in SAP Business Information Warehouse. It also helps in creating, modifying and customize all types of metadata objects of BW.

Functions of Administration Workbench in SAP BW

The important functions of AWB are –

  1. Modelling
  2. Monitoring
  3. Reporting Agent
  4. Transport Connection
  5. Documents
  6. Business Content
  7. Translation
  8. Metadata Repository

1. Modeling :  Modeling functional area is used to create and maintain metadata objects relevant to data staging and processing in SAP-BW.

2. Monitoring : It helps to monitor and control data loading process and additional data process in SAP BW.

3. Reporting Agent : With reporting agent tool you can schedule and execute reporting functions in background.

4. Transport Connection : Transport connection function area is used to transfer the newly created or modified objects in BW systems. For e.g. transport of objects from development server to testing server and production systems.

5. Documents : Documents function area is used to insert, search in, create links for one or more documents as per required formats, versions and languages for SAP BW objects.

6. Business Content : Business content provides pre configured data models based on metadata. It is a collection of SAP defined objects available in delivery version.

7. Translation : With translation functional area, you can translate short text and long text of SAP BW objects.

8. Metadata Repository : In HTML based meta data repository, SAP BW metadata objects and corresponding links to other objects are managed centrally together with an integrated metadata repository browser.

Structure of Administrator Workbench (AWB)

Administrator Worbench