SAP Customer Service (CS) Tcodes

IW75Display Serviceable Item ContractCS
IW74Change Contract for Serviceable ItemCS
IW73Display Service OrderCS
IW72Change Service OrderCS
IW56Create service requestCS
IW55Create Activity ReportCS
IL20Change Functional LocationCS
IH11Display Functional LocationCS
IH10Display EquipmentCS
IE06Change EquipmentCS
IBSSI_RFCDESTRFC Destination for IBS FunctionsCS
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Customer Service (CS) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP Installed Base Management Tcodes

COIBAs-Built for Serialized MaterialCS-IB
IB61Create Installed Base with ReferenceCS-IB
IH20Where-Used List TimeCS-IB
IH22Where-Used List Time IntervalCS-IB

SAP Customer Interaction Tcodes

CIC0Customer Interaction CenterCS-CI
CICFCIC Component DefinitionCS-CI
CICEAssignment of Visible ComponentsCS-CI
CICDAssign Components to Framework IDCS-CI
CICCMaintain CIC Framework IDCS-CI
CIC9Maintain scriptsCS-CI
CIC5Archiving InfostoreCS-CI
CIC4Archiving LoggingCS-CI
CIC3Sales SummaryCS-CI
CIC2Scripting: Variable MaintenanceCS-CI

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SAP Service Processing Tcodes

OISCGeneration of PM OrdersCS-SE
OISDGeneration of PM Orders from SDCS-SE
OISESD Service Processing Active?CS-SE
OISFGeneration of Orders from the WPCS-SE
OISNNumber range maintenance: IRESTOCS-SE