SAP CO Tutorials – Learn SAP Controlling

SAP CO Tutorial – Free SAP CO (Controlling) module training tutorial for all beginners and professional learners. Here you can get SAP controlling module course material for free of cost with scenarios and examples that helps you to configure SAP system.

SAP CO (controlling) is an important module of SAP system used for organization internal reporting. SAP controlling module provides supporting information to management for effective planning, reporting and monitors the business operations of organization. With the help of information that provided by SAP CO module, that organization can make effective management decision making process.

SAP Controlling components provides a variety of tools that can be used to provide operational information to the management to support business analysis and decision making. The important components of co module are as follows

  • Cost Element Accounting (CO – CEL)
  • Cost Center Accounting (CO – CCA)
  • Internal Orders
  • Product cost accounting
  • Profit Center Accounting
  • Profitability Analysis

Cost Element Accounting : – Cost elements are used to update the SAP CO module records. Different types of cost elements are primary cost elements and secondary cost elements.

Cost Center Accounting : –  It is used to define where the costs are incurred with in the organization as per department wise. For e.g. Product departments, service departments, etc.

Profit Center Accounting : – It is used to calculate the profit of an area of responsibility of an organization.

Product Cost Accounting : – It is used to calculate and evaluate the cost of goods manufactured for a product. For e.g. work in process and finished goods.

Internal Orders : – It is used to view cost for specific tasks, for e.g. vehicle expenses, production order costs, etc. Orders are two types i.e. Real orders and statistical orders.

Profitability Analysis (CO – PA) : – It is used to view analysis profitability of an organization, for e.g. by customer wise, sales organization wise, by plant wise, etc.

Our SAP CO training tutorials guides you how to implement controlling module step by step for an business organization with real time scenarios. Learn SAP Controlling module for free of cost with out any investment.