SAP Real Estate Management (RE) Tcodes

EWA0EMU Conv: RE Load CO ObjectsRE
F01NDebit Position LO Single ReversalRE
F01OVacancy RU single reversalRE
F01PAccruals/deferrals single reversalRE
F01QDebit position MC single reversalRE
F01RMC settlement single reversalRE
F01SReversal of Periodic PostingsRE
F01TReverse General Contract Accr./Definition RE
FEUBAdjust VIBEPP after EURO conversionRE
FEUIReal Estate Implementation GuideRE
FGL6IRE: One Time Posting - Gen. ContrRE
FNS1Collateral number rangeRE
FO/ECreate exception real estateRE
FO/FMaintain exception real estateRE
FO/GDisplay exception real estateRE
FO/HCreate groups except. real estateRE
FO/IChange groups except. real estateRE
FO/JDisplay groups except. real estateRE
FO08Reversal input tax distributionRE
FO11Number range maintenance: Land reg.RE
FO12Field status: Management contractRE
FO13Activate Settlement UnitRE
FO14Land register: DisplayRE
FO15Land register: ChangeRE
FO16Land Register: CreateRE
FO18Land register: Parameters via MEM IDRE
FO19Land register: Parameter trnsfr testRE
FO1BCreate expert reportRE
FO1CChange expert reportRE
FO1DDisplay expert reportRE
FO1EOwner SettlementRE
FO1FOwner Account Settlement ReversalRE
FO1GCorrection Items RetirementRE
FO1IPost-generate settlement particip.RE
FO1JCorr.item transfer within assetRE
FO1KReverse CI transfer within assetRE
FO1LRepost Input Tax AdjustmentsRE
FO21Create business entityRE
FO22Change business entityRE
FO23Display business entityRE
FO24Follow-up post. inc.pmnt rejectionsRE
FO25Number Range for Business EntityRE
FO27Number Range for PropertyRE
FO28Number Range for BuildingRE
FO29Reset transaction blockRE
FO30Maintain lease-outRE
FO31Create propertyRE
FO32Change propertyRE
FO33Display propertyRE
FO35Create buildingRE
FO36Change buildingRE
FO37Display buildingRE
FO38Change RA: Conds of Active ContractsRE
FO3BSelection real.est.obj. for CO sett.RE
FO3CReal estate CO settlementRE
FO3KMaintain automatic postings accountsRE
FO3LRead lease-out flow archiveRE
FO49Check index for real estateRE
FO4BStand.settings rental agreemnt analyRE
FO4CStand.settings rental agreemnt analyRE
FO4DStand.Settings Business Entity AnalysisRE
FO4EStandard settings property analysisRE
FO4FStandard settings building analysisRE
FO4GReporting tree VI12RE
FO4HReporting tree VI13RE
FO4IReporting tree VI14RE
FO4JReporting tree VI15RE
FO4KVI16 report treeRE
FO4LMainten.curr.conversion type TMRRE
FO4MTranslation Tool - Drilldown ReportRE
FO4NNumber range maint.: RE_INVOICERE
FO4OStand.settings partner analysisRE
FO4PPartner analysis-new selectionRE
FO4QStd settings land register analysisRE
FO4WTest monitor - Real Estate reportsRE
FO4YRead lease-out archiveRE
FO5GReal Estate report listRE
FO5OImport reportsRE
FO5PGenerate reportsRE
FO5QRental Units Standard AnalysisRE
FO5RReal Estate report layoutsRE
FO5TLease-Out Analysis: New SelectionRE
FO5VPrint New LO Number CorrespondenceRE
FO61Create settlement unitRE
FO62Change settlement unitRE
FO63Display settlement unitRE
FO65Overview of Settlement UnitsRE
FO66Overview cost collectors for SURE
FO67SU Overview for Rental UnitRE
FO6AReal estate field status applicationRE
FO6BDisplay real est. applic.fld select.RE
FO6CRental request field statusRE
FO6DSet delete flag for CURE
FO6EChange co-applicant field selectionRE
FO6FDisplay co-applicant field selectionRE
FO6GNumber range maintenance: FVVI_VWVTRRE
FO6HField Status: Rental RequestRE
FO6IReporting tree VI11RE
FO6JMaintain Real Estate Report TreeRE
FO77Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_NKSETRE
FO79Maintain Rent Adjustm.HistoryRE
FO7PProperty Standard AnalysisRE
FO7QBuildings Standard AnalysisRE
FO7RReporting tree VI10RE
FO7SMaintain Batch VariantsRE
FO7TRental unit analysis user settingsRE
FO7URntl agrmnt analysis user settingsRE
FO7VStandard analysis land registerRE
FO7WReorganize Report DataRE
FO7YTenant acct evaluationRE
FO80RA debit positions - LogRE
FO81Display Rent Adjustm.HistoryRE
FO82Create Management ContractRE
FO83Change Management ContractRE
FO84Display management contractRE
FO85Simulate debit position/man.contractRE
FO86Change active admin.contract feesRE
FO87Change cond.act.cntrcts for bckgrndRE
FO88Management contract debit positionRE
FO8AReal est. trans.records accr./defer.RE
FO8BRealEstate accr./defer.- ReversalRE
FO8CReal Estate CO Individual SettlementRE
FO8DReport: Display distributionsRE
FO8ECreate admin.contract eventRE
FO8FChange admin.contract eventRE
FO8GDisplay admin.contract eventRE
FO8HAdmin.costs acct sttlmnt simulationRE
FO8IManagement Costs SettlementRE
FO8JNumber range maintenance:FVVI_VWEVTRE
FO8KCarry out real estate accr./defer.RE
FO8LChanged Option Rate RatiosRE
FO8NOptRte-Relevant Changes RU / LORE
FO8PReset D tape dataRE
FO8QIncoming payments by posting dateRE
FO8RReset delete flag for SURE
FO8SCreate measurement doc.RE
FO8TChange Measurement DocumentRE
FO8UDisplay Measurement DocumentRE
FO8VCollective Entry of MeasDocumentsRE
FO8WChange Measurement DocumentsRE
FO8XDisplay Measurement DocumentsRE
FO8YCollective Entry of MeasDocumentsRE
FO8ZChange Measurement DocumentsRE
FO91VICP report treeRE
FO94Number range maintenance:FVVI_BEBERE
FO95Create correction itemsRE
FO96Change correction itemsRE
FO97Display correction itemsRE
FO98Delete correction itemsRE
FO9ADisplay Measurement DocumentsRE
FO9BCreate measurement doc.RE
FO9CChange Measurement DocumentRE
FO9DDisplay Measurement DocumentRE
FO9ECollective Entry of MeasDocumentsRE
FO9FCall reporting tree VI01RE
FO9GCall reporting tree VI02RE
FO9HCall reporting tree VI03RE
FO9ICall reporting tree VI04RE
FO9JCall reporting tree VI05RE
FO9KImport Reports from ClientRE
FO9LImport Forms from Client 000RE
FO9MTransport reportsRE
FO9NTransport FormsRE
FO9OOverview of ReportsRE
FO9PReal estate: Create select.versionRE
FO9QReal estate: Change select. versionRE
FO9RReal estate: Display select.versionRE
FO9SReal estate: Schedule select.versionRE
FO9TSelection Version Tree Real EstateRE
FO9UUser-Spec. Sel.Vers.Tree Real EstateRE
FO9VReporting tree VI06RE
FO9WReporting tree VI07RE
FO9XMaintain report selectionRE
FO9YBusiness Entities Standard AnalysisRE
FO9ZReporting tree VI09RE
FOA0Simulate Index Rent AdjustmentRE
FOA1Calculate rent adjustment: IndexRE
FOA2Rent adjustemnt: Display logsRE
FOA3Calculate rent adjustment: CHRE
FOA4Rent Adjustment - ReservedRE
FOA5Activate rent adjustment: IndexRE
FOA6Rent adjustment letter: IndexRE
FOA7Rent adjustment logs: IndexRE
FOA8Dispay rent adjustments: IndexRE
FOAACalculate rent adj.: Comp.apartmentRE
FOABAssign RU to comparative groupRE
FOACActivate rent adjustment: Comp.aprt.RE
FOADDisplay rent adjustment: Comp.apart.RE
FOAESimulate rent adjust.: Comp.apartmntRE
FOAFComparative rnt rnt. adj. collective printRE
FOAGRent adj. logs: Comparative apart.RE
FOAHCalculate rent adj.: Free adj.RE
FOAIActivate rent adj.: Free adjustmentRE
FOAJDisplay rent adj.: Free adjustmentRE
FOAKRent adjustment letter: Free adj.RE
FOALDisplay rent adjustment: Free adj.RE
FOAMSimulate rent adjustment: Free adj.RE
FOANActivate rent adjustment: All methdsRE
FOAOReverse rent adjustment: All methodsRE
FOAPDisplay rent adjustment logsRE
FOAQCalculate rent adj.: Rep. rent listRE
FOARSimulate rent adj.: Rep. rent listRE
FOASActivate RLR Rent AdjustmentRE
FOATDisplay Active RLR Rent AdjustmentRE
FOAURep.rnt list rnt increase collective printRE
FOAVDisplay RLR Rent Adjustment LogRE
FOAWPrint apartment valuatn NetherlandsRE
FOAYBalance List by Real Estate ObjectRE
FOAZDisplay Active Rent Adj. ALLRE
FOB0Number range maintenance:FVVI_SOIDRE
FOB1Lease-Out One-Time PostingsRE
FOB4Check Real Estate Account DeterminationRE
FOB9Rent Adj. - Reminder Print ALLRE
FOBARE archive residence timesRE
FOBBRent Adj. - Reminder Print CGPRE
FOBCReal estate: Delete transaction dataRE
FOBDRent Adj. - Simulate Amount TransferRE
FOBERent Adj. - Calculate Amount Transf.RE
FOBFRent Adj. - Activate Amount Transf.RE
FOBGRent Adj. - Reverse Amount TransferRE
FOBHRent Adj. - Display Amount TransferRE
FOBIRent Adj.- Display Amnt Transfer LogRE
FOBJRent Adj. - Reminder Print RLRRE
FOBKCopy real estate company codesRE
FOBLRent Adj. - Reminder Print EXPRE
FOBMRent Adj. - Reminder Print CEARE
FOBNRent Adj. - Reminder Print MODRE
FOBORent Adj. - Reminder Print INDRE
FOBPProperties: Usage type acc. dev.planRE
FOBTRent Adj. - Reminder Print FACRE
FOBWRent Adj. - Reminder Print SCSRE
FOBXRent Adj. - Reminder Print FARRE
FOBYRent Adj. - Reminder Print GARRE
FOBZRent Adj. - Reminder Print ACORE
FOD0Copy Customizing Cross-ISRE
FOD1Copy Real Estate CustomizingRE
FOD2Copy Customizing for Related Applic.RE
FOD9CustDarwinRealEst:Create ac.sttl.varRE
FODACustomer darwinRealEst:Chnge ac.sttl.varRE
FODBCustomer darwinRealEst:
FODCCustomer darwinRealEst:Delete ac.stl.varRE
FODUCustomizing View T_TZS13 Real EstateRE
FODZCustomer object type status profileRE
FOE1Create: Rental UnitRE
FOE2Change: Rental UnitRE
FOE3Display: Rental UnitRE
FOE5Number range maintenance: MIETEINHRE
FOE6Run drilldown reportRE
FOE7Create drilldown reportRE
FOE8Change drilldown reportRE
FOE9Display drilldown reportRE
FOEDMaintain global variableRE
FOEPCustomer ISIS Allocation external roles TZR4RE
FOEUCreate form for real estate reportRE
FOEVChange form for real estate reportRE
FOEWDisplay form for real estate reportRE
FOF9VIFI report treeRE
FOFOMass releaseRE
FOG1Create Provis. AgreementRE
FOG2Change Provis. AgreementRE
FOG3Display Provis. AgreementRE
FOG4Supplement Provis. AgreementRE
FOG8Sign provisional agreementsRE
FOG9Activate Commercial Lease-OutsRE
FOGHTransfer offer to
FOH1Create Heating SystemRE
FOH2Change Heating SystemRE
FOH3Display Heating SystemRE
FOH9Management contract: Fee listRE
FOHAImport A-tapeRE
FOHBPost external acct sttlmnt resultRE
FOHDImport D-tapeRE
FOHLWrite M/L-tapeRE
FOHSSimulate Settlement ResultRE
FOHXOverview of Extern. Heating ExpensesRE
FOI1RECN-BDT: ApplicationsRE
FOI2RECN-BDT: Field groupsRE
FOI6RECN-BDT: Screen SequencesRE
FOI8RECN-BDT: GUI Standard FunctionsRE
FOI9RECN-BDT: GUI Additional FunctionsRE
FOIBRECN-BDT: Field Assignm. Screen->DBRE
FOIDRECN-Cust: Contract Type -> Adjust.RE
FOIERECN-BDT: Field Modification CriteriaRE
FOIFRECN-BDT: Application TransactionsRE
FOIHRECN-Cust: Field Modification Activ.RE
FOIIRECN-Cust: Field Modific.ContrTypeRE
FOIJRECN-BDT: Generate Test File (DI)RE
FOIKRECN-BDT: Update w/o DialogRE
FOILRE Contract: ResubmissionRE
FOIMRE Contract: CreateRE
FOIORE Contract: ChangeRE
FOIPRE Contract: DisplayRE
FOIQRE Contract: Periodic PostingsRE
FOIRRECN Cust: Screen ConfigurationsRE
FOITAccount Assign. for RE General ContractRE
FOIURECN Cust: User Field Accnt Determ.RE
FOIVRECN Cust: Contract TypeRE
FOIWRECN Cust: Authorization TypesRE
FOIYRECN Cust: Resubmission RuleRE
FOIZRECN Cust: Field Groups for Author.RE
FOJ1Maintain Comparative GroupRE
FOJ2Display Comparative Group of Apartm.RE
FOJ3Real Estate Implementation GuideRE
FOJ4Cash Flow Generator General ContractRE
FOJ5Display ContingenciesRE
FOJ6Correction of VISLID EntriesRE
FOJ7Correction of T033F EntriesRE
FOJ8RECN-Cust: Object PartRE
FOJAMaintain participation IDRE
FOJBDisplay participation IDRE
FOJCRECN Cust: Resubmission RulesRE
FOJDRECN-Cust: Contr.Type -> Obj.TypeRE
FOJFRECN-Cust: Account Determination ValuesRE
FOJGRE Contract One-Time PostingRE
FOJIRECN Cust: Validation TimesRE
FOJJRECN-Cust: ContrTyp PreassignmentsRE
FOJKRECN Cust: Substitution TimesRE
FOJLRECN Cust: Periods of NoticeRE
FOJMRECN Cust: Notice DatesRE
FOJNRECN Cust: Notice ReasonsRE
FOJORECN Cust: Notice Rejection ReasonsRE
FOJQRE Contract: Create CN (Legacy Data)RE
FOJRRE Contract: Periodic Postings LogRE
FOJSRE Customer: Renewal OptionsRE
FOJTRE Customer: RenewalRE
FOJURE Contract: Maintain Sales ReportsRE
FOJVRE Contract: Create DefaultsRE
FOJWRE Contract: Display Sales ReportsRE
FOJXRE Contract: Change DefaultsRE
FOJYRE Contract: Display DefaultsRE
FOJZRE Contract: Contract Data ReportingRE
FOK0Maintain key figuresRE
FOK1Notice of rental agreementRE
FOK2Edit Rental Deposit ReleaseRE
FOK3Display rental deposit releaseRE
FOK4Edit rental unit inspectionRE
FOK5Display rental unit inspectionRE
FOK6Print sec.dep.sttl. for dep.releaseRE
FOK7Mass Notice on Lease-OutRE
FOKARE: Import Planning LayoutRE
FOKBRE: Transport Planning LayoutsRE
FOKCCreate Cost Element Planning LayoutRE
FOKDChange Cost Element Planning LayoutRE
FOKEDisplay Cost Element Planning LayoutRE
FOKFCreate Statistical KF Planning LayoutRE
FOKGChange Statistical KF Planning LayoutRE
FOKHDisplay Statistical KF Planning LayoutRE
FOKNRE: Display Planning Statistical Key FigsRE
FOKOCheck conditions/flow typesRE
FOKPRE: Change Plan.Cost El./ Actual InptRE
FOKQRE: Display Plan.Cost Elem/ Actual InptRE
FOKRRE: Change Plan.Prim.Cost ElementsRE
FOKSRE: Display Plan.Primary Cost ElementsRE
FOKTRE: Change Planning Activ.InputRE
FOKURE: Display Planning Activ.InputRE
FOKVRE: Change Plan.Revenue ElementsRE
FOKWRE: Display Plan.Revenue ElementsRE
FOKXRE: Change Plan. Statistical Key FiguresRE
FOKYRE: Display Plan. Statistical Key FiguresRE
FOKZRE: Change Plan. Statistical Key FiguresRE
FOL6IRE: one-time postings lease-outRE
FOL7IRE: Change record indicatorRE
FOLABulk Print. Resid.Lease-OutRE
FOLBMass Print. Bank Guarantee for LORE
FOLCMass Print. Garage LO CorrespondenceRE
FOLDBulk Print. Garage Lease-OutRE
FOLEBulk Print. LO Personal GuaranteeRE
FOLFBulk print. resid.RA-correspondenceRE
FOLGBulk print.adv.notice of const.chngsRE
FOLHBulk print.rnt incr.due const.chngsRE
FOLIResid. and Garage LO Bulk PrintingRE
FOLJFVVI Pop-up for rntl agrmnt printingRE
FOLKFVVI Pop-up for addit.letter print.RE
FOLLFVVI Pop-up for print of oth.lettersRE
FOLMCustomer FVVI lettersRE
FOLNCustomer FVVI letter-module relationshipRE
FOLQFVVI optical archiveRE
FOLRFVVI Client copy text modulesRE
FOLSFVVI Maintain text objectsRE
FOLTFVVI Maintain text ID'sRE
FOLUArchive and Corresp.ParametersRE
FOLWAllocate application/corr.activityRE
FOLXReal estate Allocation CA -> Letter/roleRE
FOLYReal estate correspond. activitiesRE
FOLZRent adjust.CH:Int.rate per locationRE
FOM4Maintain rent reaductiosRE
FOM5Display rent reductionsRE
FOMACreate modernization measureRE
FOMBChange modernization measureRE
FOMCDisplay modernization measuerRE
FOMDDelete modernization measureRE
FOMERntl unit attribute selection (cust)RE
FOMFOI list by business entityRE
FOMGRepeat run invoice printoutRE
FOMHEvaluation log invoice printoutRE
FOMSSwiss representative rent listRE
FOMUOI Transfer Posting on Tenant ChangeRE
FOMYR Estimate manual incom.pmnt fast entryRE
FOMZReal Estate Incoming PaymentsRE
FON1Simulate full acct settlement: OCRE
FON2Execute service charge settlement:OCRE
FON3Execute full acct settlement: HCRE
FON4Execute full acct settlement: OC+HCRE
FON5Simulate full acct settlement: HCRE
FON6Simulate full acct settlement: OC+HCRE
FON7Reverse full acct settlement: OCRE
FON8Reverse full acct settlement: HCRE
FON9Reverse full acct settlement: OC+HCRE
FONHReverse External Heating Exp. Sett.RE
FONKNumber range for SC settlementRE
FONNCorrespondence SCS/Rntl AgreementRE
FONUServ.charge stt. apportionable costsRE
FONZTenant account maintenanceRE
FOO1Reassign Correction ItemsRE
FOO7Customer heat.costs data medium exchangeRE
FOOFReverse debit contr.RE
FOOGReverse contractRE
FOOHInvoice / Credit memo ownerRE
FOOLMaitain heat.oil supplyRE
FOOZIncoming Payments with Residual ItemsRE
FOP2Change Real Estate planningRE
FOP3Display Real Estate planningRE
FOP5Simulate flat-rate adjustmentRE
FOP6Calculate flat-rate adjustmentRE
FOP7Activate flat-rate adjustmentRE
FOP8Flat-rate adjustment correspondenceRE
FOPAOI Clearing on Rental AgreementsRE
FOPBCondition types with acc./def. IDRE
FOPDCheck acc./def. reference flow typesRE
FOPECopy reference flow typesRE
FOPFList of reference flow typesRE
FOQ0Number Range Maintenance: VERGLWOHNRE
FOQ1FVVI: Create External Compara. ApartmentRE
FOQ2FVVI: Change External Compara. ApartmentRE
FOQ3FVVI: Display External Compara.ApartmentRE
FOQ4FVVI: Delete External Compara. ApartmentRE
FOQ5RE: Simulate CH rent adj.RE
FOQ6RE: Activate CH rent adjustmentRE
FOQ7Real estate: CH rent adj: Disp.res.RE
FOQ8RE: Display CH rent adj.logRE
FOQ9RE: Rent adj. - display CHRE
FOQARE: Calculate GAR rent adj.RE
FOQBRE: Activate GAR rent adj.RE
FOQCRE: Display active GAR rent adj.RE
FOQDFree garage adj.:Tenant letterRE
FOQERE: Display GAR rent adj. logRE
FOQFRE: Simulate GAR rent adj.RE
FOQGPrint rent adjustment SwitzerlandRE
FOQHRE: Calculate FAR rent adj.RE
FOQIRE: Activate FAR rent adj.RE
FOQJRE: Display active FAR rent adj.RE
FOQKFree resid. adj.: Letter to tenantRE
FOQLRE: Display FAR rent adj. logRE
FOQMRE: Simulate FAR rent adj.RE
FOQNRE: Calculate rent adj. AnyCondition RE
FOQORE: Activate rent adj. Any.Condition RE
FOQPRE: Display adj.AnyCondition RE
FOQQAdj. surcharges: Letter to tenantRE
FOQRRE: Display rent adj.log Any.CondRE
FOQSRE: Simulate rent adj. AnyCondition RE
FOQURE: Simulate MOD rent adj.RE
FOQVRE: Activate MOD rent adj.RE
FOQWRE: Display active MOD rent adj.RE
FOQXRE: Display MOD rent adj. logRE
FOQYRE: Reverse MOD rent adj.RE
FOQZRE: Calculate MOD rent adj.RE
FOR1Rooms: MaintainRE
FOR2Rooms: DisplayRE
FOR3Number range maintenance:FVVI_SRAUMRE
FOR5Maintain common rooms in buildingRE
FOR6Display common rooms in buildingRE
FOR7Maintain rooms in RU via buildingRE
FOR8Display rooms in RU via buildingRE
FORARE: Rent adj. - opin.RE
FORBRE: Activate EXOP rent adj.RE
FORCRE: Display act.EXOP rent adj.RE
FORDRE: Display EXOP rent adj. logRE
FORERE: Simulate EXOP rent adj.RE
FORFRnt adj. as res.of exp.rep.corresp.RE
FORGRE: Reverse EXOP rent adj.RE
FORHRE: Rent adj. - Simulate CEARE
FORIRE: Rent adj. - Calculate CEARE
FORJRE: Rent adj. - Activate CEARE
FORKRE: Rent adj. - Reverse CEARE
FORLRE: Rent adj. - Display CEARE
FORMRE: Rent adj. - CEA logRE
FORNRent Adj. - Print CEARE
FORQRE: Rent adj. - Simulate areaRE
FORSRE: Rent adj. - Calculate areaRE
FORTRE: Rent adj. - Activate areaRE
FORVRE: Rent adj. - Reverse areaRE
FORWRE: Rent adj. - Display areaRE
FORXRE: Rent adj. - Area logRE
FORYRE: Rent adj. - Print areaRE
FOS1Internal document entryRE
FOS8Single Document ReversalRE
FOSAExecute debit positionRE
FOSBDebit position simulationRE
FOSCDebit position reversalRE
FOSEAccount determination listRE
FOSFMaintain Dunning ProcedureRE
FOSGDisplay Dunning ProcedureRE
FOSHVacancy debit positionRE
FOSIDebit pos. unoccup.status simulationRE
FOSJRU-Unoccupied:Reverse debit positionRE
FOSKVacancy Debit Position - LogRE
FOSLGeneral Real Estate Posting LogRE
FOSMGeneral Real Estate Posting LogRE
FOSNReal Estate - PostingRE
FOSONumber Range Maintenance: FVVI_RWINTRE
FOSRReplaced by transaction FVIESRRE
FOT1Current VacanciesRE
FOTARental units: Create data fileRE
FOTBChange data file rental unitsRE
FOTCDirect input rental unitsRE
FOTDLease-outs: Create data fileRE
FOTEChange data file lease-outsRE
FOTFDirect input lease-outsRE
FOTYError MessageRE
FOU1RFVI: Rent adj. due to EURO Convers.RE
FOU2Maintain sales reportsRE
FOU3Display sales reportsRE
FOU4Reverse sales-based settlementRE
FOU5Sales settlement selectionRE
FOU6List of sales reports per yearRE
FOU7List of sales reports per monthRE
FOU8Overview of Missing Sales ReportsRE
FOUACalculate sales settlementRE
FOUBDisplay sales settlement historyRE
FOUCRE: Activate sales-based rent adjRE
FOUDRE: Display act.sales-based rnt adjRE
FOUESimulate sales settlementRE
FOUFRE: Activate USER rent adj.RE
FOUGRE: Reverse USER rent adj.RE
FOUHRE: Display active USER rent adj.RE
FOUIRFVI: Simulate Rent Adjustment USERRE
FOUJRFVI: Calculate rent adjustment USRRE
FOUKRE: Simulate Meth.Comp. rent adj.RE
FOULRE: Calculate Meth.Comp. rent adjRE
FOUMConvers. of rep.list of rents textsRE
FOUPRE: Reverse CH rent adj.RE
FOUQRE: Reverse IND rent adj.RE
FOURRE: Reverse CGP rent adj.RE
FOUSRE: Reverse FAC rent adj.RE
FOUTRE: Reverse RLR rent adj.RE
FOUURE: Reverse GAR rent adj.RE
FOUVRE: Reverse FAR rent adj.RE
FOUWRE: Reverse rent adj. AnyCondRE
FOUXRE: Reverse sales-based rent adj.RE
FOV0Rental agreement number rangeRE
FOV1Create Lease-OutRE
FOV2Change Lease-Out: Master DataRE
FOV3Display Lease-OutRE
FOV4Supplement Lease-OutRE
FOV6Activate advance payment adjustmentRE
FOV7Call Lease-OutRE
FOV8Activate Residential Lease-OutsRE
FOV9Activate Provisional AgreementsRE
FOVADetermination of option ratesRE
FOVBReal Estimate : Update of LO Cash FlowRE
FOVCManual input tax treatmentRE
FOVDInput tax trtmnt: Monthly postingsRE
FOVECreate Lease-Out OfferRE
FOVFChange Lease-Out OfferRE
FOVGDisplay Lease-Out OfferRE
FOVHTransfer offer to lease-outRE
FOVIPost trivial amnts to prior periodRE
FOVJReverse input tax treatment runRE
FOVKPrint general rent adjustmentRE
FOVLOverview of Lease-OutsRE
FOVNInvoice (CH) on basis of cash flowRE
FOVOPrint owner settlementRE
FOVPRepeat invoice (cash flow)RE
FOVQOIs from FI already invoicedRE
FOVSAssign Collective LO for Actual LORE
FOVUPrint sales settlementRE
FOVVLease-out renewalRE
FOVXMass Processing of OffersRE
FOVZRental Agreement Offer Number RangeRE
FOW0Real Estate application number rangeRE
FOW1Real est. comm. application: CreateRE
FOW2Real est. comm. application: ChangeRE
FOW3Real est. comm. application: DisplayRE
FOW4Real est. priv. application: CreateRE
FOW5Real est. priv. application: ChangeRE
FOW6Real est. priv. application: DisplayRE
FOW7Overview of Rental RequestsRE
FOW8Rent requests evaluationRE
FOWEBusiness entityRE
FOWUDisplay simplif.cost effic.analysisRE
FOWVChange Simplif.Cost Effic.AnalysisRE
FOWWCreate simplif.cost effic.analysisRE
FOWXCreate Cost Efficiency AnalysisRE
FOWYChange Cost Efficiency AnalysisRE
FOWZ Display Cost Efficiency AnalysisRE
FOXACreate brokerRE
FOXBChange brokerRE
FOXCDisplay brokerRE
FOXDCreate ownerRE
FOXEChange ownerRE
FOXFDisplay ownerRE
FOXGCreate tenantRE
FOXHChange tenantRE
FOXIDisplay tenantRE
FOXXReal estate current settingsRE
FOYAReal Estate IXS Incid.Expens.SttlmntRE
FOYBInvoice for Rent: First PrintRE
FOYCInvoice for Rent: Repeat PrintRE
FOYSStatus- and transaction controlRE
FOZ0Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_ZAEHLRE
FOZ1Rental unit: Applications allocationRE
FOZ2Rent request allocationRE
FOZAAccount determ. for LORE
FOZBCustomiz.Real Estimate post.interfaceRE
FOZCCustomizing post.interface REstMgmtRE
FOZDChange Payment Method, Bank DetailsRE
FV02Reverse Correction ItemsRE
FV08Reverse input tax treatment runRE
FVI5Electronic rent collectionRE
FVIQLegacy data transfer of compos.ratesRE
FVIRLegcy Data Trnsfr:Reset Option RatesRE
FVOEEdit Transfer Table. Opt.RatesRE
FVOICreate Transfer Table Opt.RatesRE
FVOPTransfer Opt.Rates to Production SystemRE
FVVCTransfer input tax correct.valuesRE
FVVDLgcy Data Reset Inp.Tax.Correct. Valuation RE
FVVEData Transfer Input Tax CorrectionRE
FZPDEdit business partner in roleRE
FZW1Create Messages / MAILSRE
FZW2Change Messages / MAILRE
FZW3Display Messages / MAILRE
FZW4Delete Messages / MAILRE
FZW5Maintain Text Objects: Table TTXOBRE
FZW6Maintain Text IDs: Table TTXIDRE
FZW7Dates OverviewRE
OFDCReal Estate Implementation GuideRE
OFO1OI List Per Real Estate ObjectsRE
FO13UActivate Settlement UnitRE
FO61UCreate Master Settlement UnitRE
FO62UChange Master Settlement UnitRE
FO63UDisplay Master Settlement UnitRE
FO8DAInput Tax DistributionRE
FO8DBInput Tax Distribution PostingRE
FO8DMInput Tax Distribution ReversalRE
FO8DNInput Tax Distribution LogRE
FOABGGeneral contract accrual/deferralRE
FOI10RECN-BDT: Search HelpRE
FOJF0LO: Account Determination ValuesRE
FOJF1MC: Account Determination ValuesRE
FOMS1Maintenance Rep.List of Rents (Basic Data)RE
FOMS2Maintenance Rep.List of Rnts (Value Table)RE
FOOA1Change Object AvailabilityRE
FOOA2Display Object AvailabilityRE
FOOA3Object Availability - Mass ChangeRE
FORN1Change Renewal Option for ContractRE
FORN2RE: Change CN Renewal OptionRE
FOROZVI01 reporting tree (IPD)RE
FORS1Maintain ResubmissionRE
FORS2Display ResubmissionRE
FORS3RE: Generate Resubmission DatesRE
FOVIMMigration: Post Trivial Amt to PriorRE
FOAR01REAR: ApplicationsRE
FOAR02REAR: Field GroupsRE
FOAR04REAR: SectionsRE
FOAR05REAR: PicturesRE
FOAR06REAR: Screen SequencesRE
FOAR08REAR: GUI Standard FunctionsRE
FOAR09REAR: GUI Additional FunctionsRE
FOAR0ACreate Rental RequestRE
FOAR0BChange Rental RequestRE
FOAR0CDisplay Rental RequestRE
FOAR10Application archivingRE
FOAR11Management of application archivesRE
FOAR12REAR: Field Modification CriteriaRE
FOAR13REAR: ActivitiesRE
FOAR14REAR: Field Assignment Screen->DBRE
FOAR15REAR: Application TransactionsRE
FOAR18REAR: Activity Field ModificationRE
FOAR20Offer archivingRE
FOAR21Management of offer archivesRE
FOAR25REAR: Authorization TypesRE
FOAR26REAR: Field Groups for AuthorizationRE
FOAR30Flow archivingRE
FOAR31Management of flow archivesRE
FOAR33Flow archiving preparatory programRE
FOAR40Rental agreement archivingRE
FOAR41Management of rntl agrmnt archivesRE
FOAR43Rntl agrmnt archiving prep.programRE
FOAR45LO archiving index creationRE
FOAR46LO archiving index deletionRE
FOAR50Archiving rental unitsRE
FOAR51Managing rental unit archivesRE
FOAR53Rental unit archiving prep.programRE
FOAR60Building archivingRE
FOAR61Managing building archivesRE
FOAR63Building archives prep. programRE
FOAR70Property archivingRE
FOAR71Managing property archivesRE
FOAR73Property archiving prep.programRE
FOAR80Archiving business entitiesRE
FOAR81Managing business entity archivesRE
FOAR83Business entity archiving prep.prog.RE
FOAR90Settlement unit archivingRE
FOAR91Managing settlement unit archivesRE
FOAR93Settlement unit archiving prep.prog.RE
FOARBWRental Request Number RangeRE
FOAROFOffer Number RangeRE
FOBC72Business partner: Notes (role)RE
FOCNOIReal Estate: BDN - CN TemplatesRE
FOCPTLOverview of Letters and Text ModulesRE
FOEBKADisplay account statementRE
FOGEDIBuilding: Direct InputRE
FOGEGNBuilding: Generate Data FileRE
FOGESHBuilding: Change Data FileRE
FOGRDIProperty: Direct InputRE
FOGRGNProperty: Generate Data FileRE
FOGRSHProperty: Change Data FileRE
FOIW21Create PM Notifications in RERE
FOKOBAAccount Determination for Condition TypeRE
FOMAFCRE:Rent Adj.-Index Contract ForecastRE
FOMASSNumber Range for Mass ChangesRE
FOMC_1Electr. Account Statement: Test DataRE
FOMC_2Electr. Account Statement: Gen. FileRE
FOTI01RETI: ActivitiesRE
FOTI02RETI: ApplicationsRE
FOTI03RETI: Screen Layout Field GroupsRE
FOTI04RETI: Screen Layout ViewsRE
FOTI05RETI: Screen Layout SectionsRE
FOTI06RETI: Screen Layout ScreensRE
FOTI07RETI: Screen SequenceRE
FOTI0ATenant InformationRE
FOTI10RETI: GUI Functions - StandardRE
FOTI11RETI: GUI Functions - AdditionalRE
FOTI12RETI: Matchcode ID'sRE
FOTI13RETI: Assign Screen->DB FieldRE
FOTI14RETI: Field Modifications - CriteriaRE
FOTI15RETI: ApplicTransactionsRE
FOTI16RETI: Field Modification ActivityRE
FOTI17RETI: Authorizations-Author.GroupsRE
FOTI18RETI: Field Group AuthorizationRE
FOWB92Rent Adj.acc. to CEA: CorrespondenceRE
FOWEDIBE: Direct InputRE
FOWEGNBE: Generate Data FileRE
FOWESHBE: Change Data FileRE
FVBTEPBTE Process Text Module for RERE
FVIESRRE: Import POR data (Switzerland)RE
REITXRDisplay Planned RetirementsRE
FO1I_MVPost-Generate Settlement Particip.RE
FOAIMMOMaintain AIMMO IndicatorRE
FOAR100Management contract archivingRE
FOAR101Management of mgt contract archivesRE
FOAR103Mngt contract archiving prep.prog.RE
FOHBKIDMaintain House Bank AccountsRE
FOIX_NRNumber Range Maintenance: FVVI_RECNRE
FOJSCS1Condition Type-> Service Charge KeyRE
FOJSCS2Service charge keysRE
FOJSCS3Apportionment UnitsRE
FOJSCS4Apportionment Unit <-> Area TypeRE
FOJSCS5Apprtion. Unit With Extra AttributesRE
FOJSCS6 Credit SC Key -> Deb. SC KeyRE
FOJSCS7Properties of Service Charge KeyRE
FOJSCS8Maintain Settlement CategoriesRE
FOJSCS9Assign of Plan Index to Actual IndexRE
FOKOTCHCheck Internal Condition CategoriesRE
FOMAFCCRE:Rent Adj.-Index Contract ForecastRE
FO_SETSGenerate Sets from RE ObjectsRE
RE_MASSRental Unit Mass ChangeRE
FOAR30R1Read Lease-Out Flow ArchiveRE
FOAR40R1Read lease-out archiveRE
FOARNOTERental Request: NotesRE
FOEP0001Actual: Line ItemsRE
FOEP0002Commitment line itemsRE
FOEP0003Line Items - PlanRE
FOEPA001Settlement unit actual line itemsRE
FOEPA002Sett. unit commitment line itemsRE
FOEPV001Management contr. actual line itemsRE
FOEPV002Management contract commitment line itemsRE
FOEPV003Management contract plan line itemsRE
FOJSCS10Change Service Charge SettlementRE
FOJSCS11Display Service Charge SettlementRE
FOJSCS20RE Contract:Overview of Actual RevenueRE
FOJSCS21RE Contract:Overview of Plan RevenueRE
FOJSCS22Overview of Missing Sales ReportsRE
FOJSCS25Missing Sales Report: CorrespondenceRE
FOJSCS30RE:Rent Adj.-Index Contract ForecastRE
FOVTIV11Overview adjustment methodsRE
FO_BELEGEDocument Analysis Document Database BRFRE
FO_VIBEOSOption Rates: Correction ItemsRE
FO_VIOB05Option Rates: BuildingsRE
FO_VIOB06Option Rates: PropertiesRE
FO_VIOB07Option Rates: Business EntitiesRE
FO_VTIV8AAccounts for Directly Assigned CostsRE
FOCORRITEMCorrection Items ReportRE
FOOPTRATESOption Rate ReportRE
FO_ANCO_01Analysis and Correction VITAXARE
FO_ANCO_02Analysis/Correction VIBEBE/VIBEOSRE
FO_ANCO_03Analysis/Correction Program VITAXDRE
FO_V_TIV65Non-Deductible Input Tax AccountsRE
FO_V_TIV80Clearing Accounts for Cost AccountsRE
FO_V_TIV84Revenue Account Non-Ded.Inp.Tx Rev.Account RE
FO_V_TIVA1Accounts for rounding differencesRE
RERFVICUP8Check Prog Customizing Bank StatemntRE
FO_RFVIAB30Correction Item FlowsRE
FO_V_TIV79AInput Tax Correction AccountsRE
FO_V_TIV79KNon-Deduct.Input Tax Default AccountRE
FO_V_ANKA_VIAsset Classes - Real EstateRE
FO_FVVI_BUKRSBasic Settings for RE Company CodesRE
FO_RFVIITLBZXEnter Date of ServiceRE
FOCP_COLLATERALPrint Rental Collateral for LORE
FO_BELEGE_RETAXDocument Analysis for RETAX DocumentsRE
FO_PRINT_NOTICENotice / Confirmation of NoticeRE
FOCP_RC_TYPE_VALCorr. Differ. Char: LO TypeRE
FO_USE_OF_ACCOUNTSAccounts Used in RE Account Determ.RE
FOCP_COLLATERAL_VALCorr. Differ. Char: Deposit TypesRE
FOCP_RADJ_ADJMOD_VALCorr. Differ. Char: Rent Adj. ModusRE
FOCP_RADJ_DUNMOD_VALCorr. Differ. Char: Rent Adj. Dun.RE
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Real Estate Management (RE) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP Real Estate Controlling Tcodes

FOKFPCopy Cash Flow to Plan VersionRE-CO
FOKIPCopy Actual->Plan for Real EstateRE-CO
FOKPPCopy Plan->Plan for Real EstateRE-CO
FOMKBTenant Account SheetRE-CO

SAP Flexible Real Estate Management Tcodes

RE80RE80: RE NavigatorRE-FX
RECALPParam. for Log Overview (Internal)RE-FX
RECAICIcon AssignmentRE-FX
RECARGWorklist: Update ObjectsRE-FX
RECARSProcess Dates for All ObjectsRE-FX
RECAACAllowed Object Types and PropertiesRE-FX
RECACCCheck Customizing SettingsRE-FX

Full List of SAP Flexible Real Estate Management Tcodes