SAP Assigning Company Codes To FM Areas Tcodes (Transaction Codes)

FM9QFM: Total Up BudgetPSM-FM-BU
FMEURO3Display Euro FM AreasPSM-FM-BU
OFC1Assign FM Area to CO AreaPSM-FM
OVS2C SD Matchcodes CustomersSD-MD-MM
J2GLPPTCODESCUSTOMCustomize print task codesCA
OAOBFI-AA: Assign company codesFI-AA-AA
AD_SPC_MOICustomizing: Model ID CodesIS-AD-SPC
BBC2PCard Company: Company CodesSRM-EBP-PRC
OF32Assign FY Variant to FM AreaFI-FM
OF30Assign FY Variant to FM AreaFI-FM
OF37Assign FS Profile to FM AreaPSM-FM
QS41DDocument Assignment to CodesQM-PT-BD-CAT
FDM_CUST15Maintain Active Company CodesFIN-FSCM-DM-AR
OF31Assign Plan Profile to FM AreaFI-FM
OF18Assign Company Code to FM AreaFI-FM
OF33Assign Number Range to FM AreaFI-FM
FMADLeveling: FI-FM Totals RecordsPSM-FM
FOBKCopy real estate company codesRE
FAGL_MIGPSMigrate a ledger from FM to PSPSM-FA
FM2BL_DERIVEDerive FM totals transfer to BLPSM-FM
FM2BL_DERIVE1Derive FM totals transfer to FIPSM-FM
OF34Assign Budget Profile to FM AreaFI-FM
OF35Assign Status Profile to FM AreaFI-FM
FTWSCCDART: Settings for Company CodesCA-GTF-DRT
FM2BL_DERIVERCO-PA Rule for FM transfer to BLPSM-FM
FM2BL_DERIVER1CO-PA Rule for FM transfer to FIPSM-FM
FMERFMCA: Drilldown Tool Test MonitorFI-FM
FMMDAUTOFM: Auto. Creation of Master DataPSM-FM
FMBGKONTAssign FM Account Assgnts to PCOsPSM-FM-PO
FMRP_RFFMCE22Entry to Cvr to Subj. to Cvr FMAAPSM-FM-IS
OF20FM Budget Avail.Control TolerancesPSM-FM-BU
FRFT_BRepetitive Codes: Payment to BanksFI-BL-PT
OFMTOAC2Define Debit/Credit GL in FM to ACPSM-FM
FMDERIVEFM Object Assignment - CustomizingPSM-FM
FMYCDERIVEFM Object Assignment - CustomizingPSM-FM
FMTFDERIVEFM Object Assignment - CustomizingPSM-FM
FMYC03DERIVEFM Object Assignment - CustomizingPSM-FM
0VVT_V_VXSIRExpress Dlv. Company-Service CodesLE-TRA-IN
CXN5Assign Company Codes/Business AreasEC-CS
OF38Assign cmmt type profile to FM areaPSM-FM-BU
FMBPD_MASSFM: Mass assignment of BPs to fundsPSM-FM-MD
RETAIL_BLOCKRetail Ledger: Block Company CodesFI-RL
FO_FVVI_BUKRSBasic Settings for RE Company CodesRE
RETAIL_VERSIONSRetail Ledger: Block Company CodesFI-RL
OFR2Assign Cover Number Range to FM AreaPSM-FM-BU
FMAAMatching: Line Items and Totals (FM)PSM-FM
FM72Assign FM Account Asst to Cover PoolPSM-FM-BU