SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - CBHR12

DescriptionEHS-INT: Change External Person
Program NameBUSSTART
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleEnvironment, Health and Safety

The SAP TCode CBHR12 is used for the task : EHS-INT: Change External Person. The TCode belongs to the CBHR package.

SAP TCode CBHR12 - EHS-INT: Change External Person

SAP Environment, Health and Safety Tcodes

CBHR13EHS-INT: Display External PersonEHS
CBHR21EHS-INT: Create AuthorityEHS
EHQMC1EH&S-QM: Maintain Types of Chars.EHS
CBHR11EHS-INT: Create External PersonEHS
CBHR22EHS-INT: Change AuthorityEHS
EHQLEH&S-QM: Display LogsEHS
CBHR23EHS-INT: Display AuthorityEHS
CBHR12EHS-INT: Change External PersonEHS