SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - CG12

SAP TcodeCG12
DescriptionEdit Phrases
Program NameSAPLC110
Screen Number1010
Transaction TypeT
ModuleEnvironment, Health and SafetyProduct Safety

The SAP TCode CG12 is used for the task : Edit Phrases. The TCode belongs to the CBUI package.

SAP TCode CG12 - Edit Phrases

SAP Product Safety Tcodes

CGABEHS: Edit Phrase Set-Attribute AssignmentEHS-SAF
CGB3EHS: Number range record counterEHS-SAF
CG3BCheck Phrase ExportEHS-SAF
CGK1EHS: Namespaces for characteristicsEHS-SAF
CG31Import PhrasesEHS-SAF
CGA7EHS: Maintain component categoryEHS-SAF
CGA1EHS: Maintain Specification TypeEHS-SAF
CG58Set Report to HistoricalEHS-SAF
CG3ZUpload fileEHS-SAF
CG55Validate ReportEHS-SAF
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