SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - CG1C

DescriptionDisplay Phrase Sets
Program NameSAPLC119
Screen Number1010
Transaction TypeT
ModuleEnvironment, Health and SafetyProduct Safety

The SAP TCode CG1C is used for the task : Display Phrase Sets. The TCode belongs to the CBUI package.

SAP TCode CG1C - Display Phrase Sets

SAP Product Safety Tcodes

CBRC12Regulation Check: TSCA12b OutputEHS-SAF
CG33Import SpecificationsEHS-SAF
CG54Report Information SystemEHS-SAF
CGB1EHS: Number Range for specification keyEHS-SAF
CG3ACheck Source ExportEHS-SAF
CG35Import Property TreeEHS-SAF
CBRC21 Substance Volume Tracking: Blocked DocsEHS-SAF
CG1CDisplay Phrase SetsEHS-SAF
CG02BDSpecification WorkbenchEHS-SAF
CGA3EHS: Authorization ObjectEHS-SAF
Full List of SAP Product Safety Tcodes