SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - CX1A

DescriptionCreate Breakdown Categories
Program NameSAPMF210
Screen Number1400
Transaction TypeT
ModuleEnterprise ControllingConsolidation

The SAP TCode CX1A is used for the task : Create Breakdown Categories. The TCode belongs to the FC00 package.

SAP TCode CX1A - Create Breakdown Categories

SAP Consolidation Tcodes

CX1C1Upload Methods for Cons GroupsEC-CS
CX5BCons: Number Ranges - Cons UnitsEC-CS
CX1UDisplay hierarchyEC-CS
CXM1Edit Method HierarchiesEC-CS
CX3F8Upload Inventory DataEC-CS
CX1JCreate dimensionsEC-CS
OC47Maintain E/R Types for Crcy Transl.EC-CS
CX5UDCustomizing Listing: IU P/L in Invoice EC-CS
CX3FGUpload Methods for Breakdown CatsEC-CS
CX5T6IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change, CMEC-CS
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