SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - CX1I2

SAP TcodeCX1I2
DescriptionUpload FS Items
Transaction TypeP
ModuleEnterprise ControllingConsolidation

The SAP TCode CX1I2 is used for the task : Upload FS Items. The TCode belongs to the FC00 package.

SAP TCode CX1I2 - Upload FS Items

SAP Consolidation Tcodes

CX6F0Goodwill Amortization/WriteupEC-CS
CXB4Generate Authorizations for CGsEC-CS
CXRZReorganize FormsEC-CS
CXEOIMG: Document Types for Realtime UpdateEC-CS
CX01NSAP Consolidation : Configuration MenuEC-CS
CX23Default Values for Activity EntryEC-CS
CX5U1Product Groups & Inventory ItemsEC-CS
CXN4Convert Collection of CU Master DataEC-CS
CX3DCons: Import Data Entry LayoutEC-CS
CXS4Non-carryforward ItemsEC-CS
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