SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - CXEUB

DescriptionECCS EURO: Additional Financial Data
Program NameFICEUR10
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleEnterprise ControllingConsolidation

The SAP TCode CXEUB is used for the task : ECCS EURO: Additional Financial Data. The TCode belongs to the FC00 package.

SAP TCode CXEUB - ECCS EURO: Additional Financial Data

SAP Consolidation Tcodes

CXEIIMG: Document Types for Prep/CG Chgs - DMEC-CS
CXJ3Posted Items in Equity ConsolidationEC-CS
CXCYCustomizing of Report SelectionEC-CS
CX1S0Upload Methods for SubitemsEC-CS
CXRWConvert Drilldown ReportsEC-CS
CX64Group sharesEC-CS
CXNUMaintain Field Movement/Real.UpdateEC-CS
CX3FDUpload Fair Value Adjustments(Value)EC-CS
CX15Display FS itemsEC-CS
CXM2Display method hierarchiesEC-CS
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