SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - IQS3

DescriptionDisplay Notification - Extended View
Program NameSAPLIQS0
Screen Number200
Transaction TypeT
ModuleQuality ManagementQuality Notifications

The SAP TCode IQS3 is used for the task : Display Notification - Extended View. The TCode belongs to the QQM package.

SAP TCode IQS3 - Display Notification - Extended View

SAP Quality Notifications Tcodes

IQS13Display TaskQM-QN
IQS23Display Notif. - Simplified ViewQM-QN
IQS2Change Notification - Extended ViewQM-QN
IQS3Display Notification - Extended ViewQM-QN
MCVXQMIS: Vendor analysis defectsQM-QN
OQNPField selec. multi-level list - taskQM-QN
MCOEQMIS: Customer Analysis Q ScoreQM-QN
IQS21Create Notif. - Simplified ViewQM-QN
OQS8Customizing for IQS8QM-QN
QM14Change list of itemsQM-QN
Full List of SAP Quality Notifications Tcodes