SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - MCOA

DescriptionQMIS: Customer analysis, Lot overview
Program NameRMCQ1100
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleQuality ManagementQuality Notifications

The SAP TCode MCOA is used for the task : QMIS: Customer analysis, Lot overview. The TCode belongs to the QG03 package.

SAP TCode MCOA - QMIS: Customer analysis, Lot overview

SAP Quality Notifications Tcodes

QD25Archiving Notifications: Admin.QM-QN
OQNAOBField Selectn Multilvl List:Assnd Object QM-QN
OQNUMulti-lev. list fld selection-causeQM-QN
MCOVQMIS: Customer Anal. Overview Q Not.QM-QN
QM13Display list of tasksQM-QN
MCVPQMIS: vendor analysis items Q notif.QM-QN
QD24Archiving Notifications: DeleteQM-QN
OQNFVariant: Work list activitiesQM-QN
MCOGQMIS: Customer Analysis Lot CounterQM-QN
OQNOField selec. multi-lvl list - activ.QM-QN
Full List of SAP Quality Notifications Tcodes