SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OQN5

DescriptionMaintain catalogs for notif. types
Transaction TypeP
ModuleQuality Management

The SAP TCode OQN5 is used for the task : Maintain catalogs for notif. types. The TCode belongs to the QI package.

SAP TCode OQN5 - Maintain catalogs for notif. types

SAP Quality Management Tcodes

OQB2Maintain certificate typeQM
IW29WPIW29 - Call from Workplace/MiniAppQM
OQFAAdapt field selectionQM
OLIQReorganization of QM info systemQM
OQIJField select. maintain results hist.QM
OQISRes. recording variant for fnct. LocQM
OQM4Q-Notif. Field Sel: Partner ScreensQM
OQZNNumber ranges for quality certs.QM
OQIFCustomize Lot Selection for QVM1QM
OQB4Maintain document types Q documentsQM
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