SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OQNW

DescriptionSettings for Notification Workflow
Transaction TypeP
ModuleQuality Management

The SAP TCode OQNW is used for the task : Settings for Notification Workflow. The TCode belongs to the QI package.

SAP TCode OQNW - Settings for Notification Workflow

SAP Quality Management Tcodes

QPQGC1QM MiniApp Selection VariantQM
QM19List of Q Notifications, Multi-LevelQM
OQIEUsage variants for QM order in materialQM
OQIQResults recording variant for sampleQM
QCCTQM standard textsQM
QCC5IMG Direct Selection: QM Business Add-InQM
OQM1Q-Notification Field Selection: Gen.QM
OQIZSettings for Notification WorkflowQM
OQN6Maintain cat. profile for Q-notific.QM
OQILField selection inspection lots for physSampsQM
Full List of SAP Quality Management Tcodes