SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OQZ6

DescriptionDefinition access seq. for certificate profile
Transaction TypeP
ModuleQuality Management

The SAP TCode OQZ6 is used for the task : Definition access seq. for certificate profile. The TCode belongs to the QI package.

SAP TCode OQZ6 - Definition access seq. for certificate profile

SAP Quality Management Tcodes

QPQM13QM MiniApp Selection VariantQM
OQI8Work list variant automatic UDQM
QK03Maintain Specs for Order TypeQM
QA10LLog for Automatic Usage DecisionQM
OQZ9Disp. cond. table for certificatesQM
OQIICustomize Lot Selection for QA16QM
OQIFCustomize Lot Selection for QVM1QM
QCC5IMG Direct Selection: QM Business Add-InQM
OQL9Assign Inspection Type to Delete TypeQM
QV22Change Q-agreement (doc. type Q03)QM
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