SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OVAK

DescriptionSales Order Type Assignment
Transaction TypeP
ModuleSales and DistributionMaster DataMaterial Maintenance

The SAP TCode OVAK is used for the task : Sales Order Type Assignment. The TCode belongs to the VS0C package.

SAP TCode OVAK - Sales Order Type Assignment

SAP Material Maintenance Tcodes

OVXGNDefine sales areasSD-MD-MM
OVXANDivision -> Sales organizationSD-MD-MM
OV-9View V_TVP9 Attribute 9SD-MD-MM
OVX2Business area->Plant/DivisionSD-MD-MM
OVU0Condition Type: Optimize AccessSD-MD-MM
OVSLPricing groups for customersSD-MD-MM
OVK6C SD Table T001W Plants/CountriesSD-MD-MM
OV14C SD Tab. TVAK MaterialSubSD-MD-MM
OV01Access Sequence: Matl Listng/ExclsnSD-MD-MM
OVAMC SD View TVKOV_AU DistChanDocument TypesSD-MD-MM
Full List of SAP Material Maintenance Tcodes