SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OY25

SAP TcodeOY25
DescriptionCS BC: Set Up Client
Transaction TypeP
ModuleBasis ComponentsBasis Services / Communication Interfaces

The SAP TCode OY25 is used for the task : CS BC: Set Up Client. The TCode belongs to the SBSRVC package.

SAP TCode OY25 - CS BC: Set Up Client

SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tcodes

OY21User profiles CustomizingBC-SRV
OY29Technical WriterBC-SRV
OY24Client maintenanceBC-SRV
OY27Create super user CustomizingBC-SRV
OY30Technical writerBC-SRV
OY20Authorizations CustomizingBC-SRV
OY25CS BC: Set Up ClientBC-SRV
OY28Deactivate SAP* CustomizingBC-SRV