SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - QCMS

DescriptionCertificate for Inspection Lot w. MS
Program NameRQCAAPMS
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleQuality ManagementQuality Certificates

The SAP TCode QCMS is used for the task : Certificate for Inspection Lot w. MS. The TCode belongs to the QCMS package.

SAP TCode QCMS - Certificate for Inspection Lot w. MS

SAP Quality Certificates Tcodes

QCE2Edit Communication SupportQM-CA
OQCZSettings for Workflow CertificatesQM-CA
QC55Worklist: Certificates - ProcurementQM-CA
QC51Create certificate in procurementQM-CA
QCMSCertificate for Inspection Lot w. MSQM-CA
QC53Display certificate in procurementQM-CA
QCE3Display Communication SupportQM-CA
QC52Change certificate in procurementQM-CA