SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - QE71

SAP TcodeQE71
DescriptionTabular res. recording for inspection pts
Program NameRQETBM10
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleQuality ManagementQuality Inspection

The SAP TCode QE71 is used for the task : Tabular res. recording for inspection pts. The TCode belongs to the QETB package.

SAP TCode QE71 - Tabular res. recording for inspection pts

SAP Quality Inspection Tcodes

QA22Change inspection point quantitiesQM-IM
QST08Display Testing Schedule ItemsQM-IM
QA01ACreate Inspection LotQM-IM
QST07Change Testing Schedule ItemsQM-IM
QA51Scheduling Source InspectionsQM-IM
QE72Tabular Results Record for Insp. LotsQM-IM
QA23Display inspection point quantitiesQM-IM
QA08Collective Processing of Insp. SetupQM-IM
QA52Source inspections: Job overviewQM-IM
QA02Change Inspection LotQM-IM
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