SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - QM19

SAP TcodeQM19
DescriptionList of Q Notifications, Multi-Level
Program NameRQMELM10
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleQuality Management

The SAP TCode QM19 is used for the task : List of Q Notifications, Multi-Level. The TCode belongs to the QI package.

SAP TCode QM19 - List of Q Notifications, Multi-Level

SAP Quality Management Tcodes

QCCNQM standard number rangesQM
OQN3Maintenance prio. types for notif. typesQM
OQIQResults recording variant for sampleQM
OQIAMaintain variant: Q-level evaluationQM
OQB6Number range for certificate receiptQM
OQN2Maintenance status prof. for Q-notif.typeQM
QP49Number range for physical sample drawingQM
OQIPResults recording for inspection characteristic QM
OQI8Work list variant automatic UDQM
OQIJField select. maintain results hist.QM
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