SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - SM50

SAP TcodeSM50
DescriptionWork Process Overview
Program NameRSMON000_ALV_NEW
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleBasis ComponentsClient/Server Technology

The SAP TCode SM50 is used for the task : Work Process Overview. The TCode belongs to the STSK package.

SAP TCode SM50 - Work Process Overview

SAP Client/Server Technology Tcodes

SM14Update Program AdministrationBC-CST
SM04User ListBC-CST
SMWSWeb Socket TableBC-CST
SM50Work Process OverviewBC-CST
SM51Server ListBC-CST
SMGWGateway MonitorBC-CST
SARFCServer Resources for Asynchr. RFCBC-CST
SMAMCAMC Recipient TableBC-CST
SM55THOST MaintenanceBC-CST
SM13Administrate Update RecordsBC-CST
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