SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OPSO

DescriptionMaintain Project Types
Program NameSAPL0PSD
Screen Number100
Transaction TypeP
ModuleProject SystemStructuresOperative Structures

The SAP TCode OPSO is used for the task : Maintain Project Types. The TCode belongs to the CN_PSP_OPR package.

SAP TCode OPSO - Maintain Project Types

SAP Operative Structures Tcodes

OPSAMaintain Project ProfilePS-ST-OPR
CJ03Display Work Breakdown StructurePS-ST-OPR
OPUMMaintain SubprojectsPS-ST-OPR
CN82PS: Archiving project structuresPS-ST-OPR
CJ20Structure planningPS-ST-OPR
CJ11Create WBS ElementPS-ST-OPR
OPT2Matchcode for project definitionPS-ST-OPR
CJ02Change Work Breakdown StructurePS-ST-OPR
CN80Archiving project structuresPS-ST-OPR
OPUJField selection: Project definitionPS-ST-OPR
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