SAP Asset Accounting (FI-AA) Tcodes

AO69Account assignment KTNAIBFI-AA
AO85Account assignmt AcquisitionsFI-AA
AO86Account Assignment RetirementsFI-AA
AO87Account Assignmt Revaluation on APCFI-AA
AO90Account assignmt AcquisitionsFI-AA
AO93Ordinary Depreciation Account AssignmentFI-AA
AO94Special Depreciation Account AssignmentFI-AA
AO95Account assignment for Unplanned depreciationFI-AA
AO96Account assignment for Transfer of reservesFI-AA
AO97Account assignment for Revaluation of depreciationFI-AA
AO98Account assignment InterestFI-AA
AO99Account assignment for Derived depreciation areasFI-AA
AT01Create Asset Master Record (old)FI-AA
AT02Change Asset Master Record (old)FI-AA
AT03Display Asset Master Record (old)FI-AA
AT11Create Asset Subnumber (Old)FI-AA
AT21Create Group Asset (old)FI-AA
AT22Change Group Asset (old)FI-AA
AT23Display Group Asset (old)FI-AA
AT24Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)FI-AA
AT81Create Old Group Asset (old)FI-AA
AT82Change Old Group Asset (old)FI-AA
AT83Display Old Group Asset (old)FI-AA
AT84Display Old Group Asset Sub-Number (old)FI-AA
AT91Create Old Asset (old)FI-AA
AT92Change Old Asset (old)FI-AA
AT93Display Old Asset (old)FI-AA
AT94Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)FI-AA
OADBDefine Depreciation AreaFI-AA
OAMKChange Reconciliation AccountsFI-AA
AB01LCreate asset transactionsFI-AA
ABAALUnplanned depreciationFI-AA
ABAKLLast Retirement on Group AssetFI-AA
ABAOLAsset Sale Without CustomerFI-AA
ABAVLAsset Retirement by ScrappingFI-AA
ABCOLAdjustment Posting to AreasFI-AA
ABGFLCredit Memo in Year after InvoiceFI-AA
ABGLLEnter Credit Memo in Year of InvoiceFI-AA
ABIFLInvestment SupportFI-AA
ABMALManual DepreciationFI-AA
ABMRLManual transfer of reservesFI-AA
ABNELSubsequent RevenueFI-AA
ABNKLSubsequent CostsFI-AA
ABSOLMiscellaneous TransactionsFI-AA
ABSTLReconciliation Analysis FI-AAFI-AA
ABUBNTransfer between areasFI-AA
ABUMLTransfer within Company CodeFI-AA
ABZELAcquisition from In-House ProductionFI-AA
ABZOLAcquisition with automatic offsetting entryFI-AA
ABZPLAcquistion from Affiliated CompanyFI-AA
ACC01Account Maintenance FI-AAFI-AA
ACSETMaintenance Account Types for Account Assignment ObjectsFI-AA
AFABNPost DepreciationFI-AA
AR11NInvestment GrantsFI-AA
AR29NRe- and New Valuation of AssetsFI-AA
AS100Legacy Data Transfer using ExcelFI-AA
ASKBNPeriodic APC Posting RunFI-AA
ABUZSMMaintain Line Item SchemaFI-AA
ACCMAPConvert Depreciation AreasFI-AA
AACCOBJDisplay Active Account Assgnmt ElementsFI-AA
AATENV1Create Data CollectionFI-AA
AATENV2Create Test CasesFI-AA
AATENV3Execute Test CasesFI-AA
ANSICHTMaintain Asset ViewsFI-AA
J1G_AMFAforologito apothematikoFI-AA
J1G_AMIInvestment BookFI-AA
OADB_WZSet Up Parallel ValuationFI-AA
RFKRASLStraight Line Depreciation KoreaFI-AA
RFKRAUPSi Bu In Amount updateFI-AA
AO90_ACIMaintenance Technical Clearing AccountFI-AA
AO90_OLDAccount assignmt AcquisitionsFI-AA
AO99_OLDAccount assignment. Derived dep. areasFI-AA
GACNFIAAGolden Audit: Assets (China)FI-AA
J1GAMRV1Rules for Fixed Asset RevaluationFI-AA
J1GAMRV2Asset Super Number Objective ValuesFI-AA
J1GAM_LAAsset Legal RegisterFI-AA
J1GAM_R1Field MaintenanceFI-AA
J1GAM_R2Maintain fieldsFI-AA
RFKRADECDeclining balance Depreciation (KR)FI-AA
RFKRASUPAsset Accounting detail ReportFI-AA
AS11_FMIMCreate Asset under Construction (AuC) SubnumberFI-AA
APER_RESETReset Periodic Posting RunFI-AA
J1GAM_AIB0Investment BookFI-AA
J1GAM_ARE1Fixed Asset RevaluationFI-AA
J1GAM_ARG0Asset History SheetFI-AA
J5KFHLFOS1Acceptance of Fixed AssetsFI-AA
J5KFHLFOS3Write-Off of AssetsFI-AA
J5KFHLFOS5Accounting of Fixed AssetsFI-AA
J5KFHLFOS6Inventory Cards of Fixed AssetsFI-AA
J5KFHLFNMA1Acceptance of Intangible AssetsFI-AA
J5KFHLFNMA2Accounting of Intangible AssetsFI-AA
RAIDIT_DEPRItaly Depreciation Comparison ReportFI-AA
FIAAPT_MAPASTransaction code for Mapas FiscaisFI-AA
J5KFHLFINV12Assets Inventory List (Kazakhstan)FI-AA
FIAAHELP_DARKFI-AA Utility Programs DispatcherFI-AA
FAA_DO_ACTIVATIONCheck and ActivationFI-AA
FAA_CHEK_AREA_4_PARVCheck of Area ConfigurationFI-AA
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Asset Accounting (FI-AA) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP Basic Functions Tcodes

AARCArchiving Asset AccountingFI-AA-AA
AARTReading of Archive DataFI-AA-AA
AAVNRecalculate base insurable valueFI-AA-AA
AB01Create asset transactionsFI-AA-AA
AB02Change asset documentFI-AA-AA
AB03Display Asset DocumentFI-AA-AA
AB08Reverse Line ItemsFI-AA-AA
ABAAUnplanned depreciationFI-AA-AA
ABADAsset Retirement from Sale w/ CustomerFI-AA-AA
ABAVAsset Retirement by ScrappingFI-AA-AA

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SAP Information System Tcodes

AR01Call Asset ListFI-AA-IS
AR02Call Up Asset History SheetFI-AA-IS
AR03Call Up Depreciation ListFI-AA-IS
AR04Call Up Depreciation + Interest ListFI-AA-IS
AR05Call Up Asset Acquisition ListFI-AA-IS
AR06Call Up Asset Retirement ListFI-AA-IS
AR07Call Up Asset Transfer ListFI-AA-IS
AR08Call Up Depreciation Compare ListFI-AA-IS
AR14Call Up Manual Depreciation ListFI-AA-IS
AR18Call Up Depreciation SimulationFI-AA-IS

Full List of SAP Information System Tcodes