SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - AO95

SAP TcodeAO95
DescriptionAccount assignment for Unplanned depreciation
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial AccountingAsset Accounting

The SAP TCode AO95 is used for the task : Account assignment for Unplanned depreciation. The TCode belongs to the AA_BAS_CUS package.

SAP TCode AO95 - Account assignment for Unplanned depreciation

SAP Asset Accounting Tcodes

ASKBNPeriodic APC Posting RunFI-AA
ABAKLLast Retirement on Group AssetFI-AA
AT24Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)FI-AA
ABIFLInvestment SupportFI-AA
AT91Create Old Asset (old)FI-AA
AT92Change Old Asset (old)FI-AA
AO87Account Assignmt Revaluation on APCFI-AA
AT81Create Old Group Asset (old)FI-AA
AT84Display Old Group Asset Sub-Number (old)FI-AA
OADBDefine Depreciation AreaFI-AA
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