SAP Bank Accounting (FI-BL) Tcodes

FCC1Payment Cards: SettlementFI-BL
OCR4Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OCR3Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OCR2Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OCR1Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OBZIC FI Maintenance Table TCCAAFI-BL
OBZHC FI Maintenance Table TCCFIFI-BL
FCCRPayment Card EvaluationsFI-BL
FCC4Payment Cards: Display LogsFI-BL
FCC3Payment Cards: Delete LogsFI-BL
FCC2Payment Cards: Repeat SettlementFI-BL
FBPMPayment medium program of PMWFI-BL
OBPM1Maintenance of Pymt Medium FormatsFI-BL
OBPM2Maintenance of Note to PayeeFI-BL
OBPM3Payment Medium Formats (Customer)FI-BL
OBPM4Payment Medium Selection VariantsFI-BL
FEBPSImport PSP Settlement FileFI-BL
OBPM1ADisplay of Pymt Medium FormatsFI-BL
OBZ4CTLetter for Payment CorrespondenceFI-BL
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Bank Accounting (FI-BL) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP Master Data Tcodes

FI12Change House Banks/Bank AccountsFI-BL-MD
FI13Display House Banks/Bank AccountsFI-BL-MD
FI12COREChange House Banks/Bank AccountsFI-BL-MD
FI12_OLDChange House Banks/Bank AccountsFI-BL-MD
FI13_OLDDisplay House Banks/Bank AccountsFI-BL-MD

SAP Cash Balance Management Tcodes

FFB4Import Electronic Check Deposit ListFI-BL-BM
FFB5Post electronic check deposit listFI-BL-BM
FF_3G/L Account Cashed ChecksFI-BL-BM
FF_4Vendor Cashed ChecksFI-BL-BM

SAP Payment Transactions Tcodes

RVNDCreate Payment Requests OnlineFI-BL-PT
OB43C FI Maintain Table T015LFI-BL-PT
FRFTRapid Entry with Repetitive CodeFI-BL-PT
OB47C FI Maintain Table T015WFI-BL-PT
OT81Process Repetitive CodesFI-BL-PT
F8REVCancellation of Payment RequestsFI-BL-PT
FBPM1Cross-Payment Run Payment MediumFI-BL-PT
FBPM2Status ReportFI-BL-PT
FIBL0Origin Indicator DefinitionFI-BL-PT

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