SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - OCR3

DescriptionPayment Cards: Check Results
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial AccountingBank Accounting

The SAP TCode OCR3 is used for the task : Payment Cards: Check Results. The TCode belongs to the FBCC package.

SAP TCode OCR3 - Payment Cards: Check Results

SAP Bank Accounting Tcodes

OCR2Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OCR4Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
FCC1Payment Cards: SettlementFI-BL
OBPM1ADisplay of Pymt Medium FormatsFI-BL
OCR1Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OBPM3Payment Medium Formats (Customer)FI-BL
FCC3Payment Cards: Delete LogsFI-BL
FBPMPayment medium program of PMWFI-BL
FCC4Payment Cards: Display LogsFI-BL
OBZIC FI Maintenance Table TCCAAFI-BL
Full List of SAP Bank Accounting Tcodes