Industry Solution Engineering & Construction (IS-EC) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP Construction Equipment Management Tcodes

J3G#Field Selection - Operator's ReportIS-EC-CEM
J3G$Create PBE DocumentIS-EC-CEM
J3G&Field Selection Equi. Insurance DataIS-EC-CEM
J3G(Create Tax/Insurance DataIS-EC-CEM
J3G)Change Tax/Insurance DataIS-EC-CEM
J3G.Transaction Calls for Joint VenturesIS-EC-CEM
J3G/Display Tax/Insurance DataIS-EC-CEM
J3G1Create Owner/AdministratorIS-EC-CEM
J3G2Change Owner/AdministratorIS-EC-CEM
J3G3Display Owner/AdministratorIS-EC-CEM

Full List of SAP Construction Equipment Management Tcodes

SAP Customer Bill of Services Tcodes

OKYQCosting Variants: Service LineIS-EC-BOS
OKYRValuation Variants: Service LineIS-EC-BOS
BOS02SD: Service Entry - Web TransactionIS-EC-BOS
BOSSHProcedure for Surcharge and DiscountIS-EC-BOS
BOSMMSubcontractor/Vendor ProcessingIS-EC-BOS
BOSPRCreate Subcontractor Purchase Requisition IS-EC-BOS
BOSSCSubcontracting COND-copying controlIS-EC-BOS
BOSECPCosting: Costs -> ConditionsIS-EC-BOS
ADBOS01SD-SRV Reporting: Quantity FlowIS-EC-BOS
ADBOS02SD-SRV Reporting: BOS w. HierarchyIS-EC-BOS

Full List of SAP Customer Bill of Services Tcodes