SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - AC04

SAP TcodeAC04
DescriptionService Master
Program NameSAPLBAS0
Screen Number300
Transaction TypeT
ModuleMaterials ManagementExternal Services

The SAP TCode AC04 is used for the task : Service Master. The TCode belongs to the MASB package.

SAP TCode AC04 - Service Master

SAP External Services Tcodes

MLV2Create Total Price (PRS)MM-SRV
ML85Collective Release of Entry SheetsMM-SRV
ML89Definition of FormulasMM-SRV
AC08Send serviceMM-SRV
MLV1Conditions: ServicesMM-SRV
ML99Formula Variable IDsMM-SRV
MLS6Report for Standard Service CatalogMM-SRV
M/12Conditions: Schema for ServicesMM-SRV
MSRV5Service List for ContractMM-SRV
ML100Calculate Taxes at Service LevelMM-SRV
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