SAP Materials Management (MM) Tcodes

BBPSEBP Order Status TrackingMM
MWCHChange Procurement IACMM
J1GTSBTechnical Specifications BookMM
J1GP01Pu postingMM
J1GP02Mass update of J_1GPURULESMM
J1GP05Transfer of 32 to 20MM
J1GP06Maintained J_1GPU32RULESMM
J1GVL_R2Sample Cost/Consumpt. Analys. ReportMM
J1GTSBC1Valuation class texts for TSBMM
J1GVL_GLRead G/L account itemsMM
J1GVL_VLMaterial valuationMM
J1GVL_R1Sample Valuation Report 1MM
J1GVL_T01Upload initial stockMM
J1GVL_S20Default forms/functionsMM
J1GVL_S1CWarehouse BooksMM
J1GVL_S19valuation methodsMM
J1GVL_S17Open Production Orders (WIP)MM
J1GVL_S16Production Costs (Cost Estimates)MM
J1GVL_S15FI Repostings SettingsMM
J1GVL_S14CO Repostings SettingsMM
J1GVL_S11compare PC CP component costMM
J1GVL_S10Update WHB control tableMM
J1GVL_S12compare valuation and AL postingsMM
J1GVL_S13Accounts for A/L postingsMM
J1GVL_T03Initilize production runMM
J1GVL_T02Material moement totals in periodMM
J3RM11RESPrint M-11 Form from Reserv.DocumentMM
J1GVL_T15WHB to CD utilityMM
J1GVL_T14Stock report for periodMM
J1GVL_T12Propose WIP OrdersMM
J1GVL_T11Initialize prod. run (new)MM
J1GVL_T10Update WHB control tableMM
J1GVL_T09Update control tableMM
J1GVL_T08check customizing for valuation/WHBMM
J1GVL_T05Read online WHB valuesMM
J1GVL_T04Update offline the WHB table J_1GVL_MM
J1GVL_S09Update control tableMM
J1GVL_S08Valid transaction categoriesMM
J1GVL_RE2Valuation Data: Compact versionMM
J1GVL_RE1Line items per GL AccountMM
J1GVL_R11Table 11 totalsMM
J1GVL_R10Table 10 totalsMM
J1GVL_P07Delete online WHB recordsMM
J1GVL_P01Warehouse bookMM
J1GVL_P00WHB for arbitrary datesMM
J1GPUF124Automatic clearingMM
CURR_CONVCurrency ConversionMM
J1GVL_REPReposting valuationMM
J1GVL_REXexpenses reportMM
J1GVL_RPUpurchases reportMM
J1GVL_S07Function modules for online WHB val.MM
J1GVL_S06Warehouse book layoutMM
J1GVL_S05Valid document types, movement typesMM
J1GVL_S04Valid G/L accountsMM
J1GVL_S03Valid materialsMM
J1GVL_S02Valid plantsMM
J1GVL_RRVrevenue reportMM
J1GVL_S00Global SettingsMM
J1GVL_S01WHB definitionMM
J1GVL_ALDIA/L postings via direct inputMM
J1GVL_INVBInventory bookMM
J1GVL_S01TWHB Definition TextsMM
J5KMHLFINV3Physical Inventory ListMM
J5KMHLFTMZ2Registration of AuthorizationsMM
J5KMHLFTMZ5Material Stock CardsMM
J5KMHLFTMZ7Material Stock BalancesMM
J1GVL_UPDINVUpdate Inventory Book with ValuationMM
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SAP Consumption-Based Planning (See Also PP-MRP) Tcodes

OWD1Maintain rounding profilesMM-CBP
MAHD1Load Alternative Historical DataMM-CBP
MAHD2Change Alternative Historical DataMM-CBP
MAHD3Display Alternative Historical DataMM-CBP
MAHD4Delete Alternative Historical DataMM-CBP
MDRD1Determine Delivery RelationshipMM-CBP
MDRD2Change Delivery RelationshipMM-CBP
MDRD3Display Delivery RelationshipMM-CBP
MDRD4Delete Delivery RelationshipMM-CBP

SAP Purchasing Tcodes

100Messages: Display CondTab: Purchase OrderMM-PUR
0MECSettings for B2B Schedule AgreementsMM-PUR
ME0MSource List for MaterialMM-PUR
ME08Send Source ListMM-PUR
ME07Reorganize Source ListMM-PUR
ME06Analyze Source ListMM-PUR
ME05Generate Source ListMM-PUR
ME04Changes to Source ListMM-PUR
ME03Display Source ListMM-PUR
ME01Maintain Source ListMM-PUR

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SAP External Services Tcodes

N"Service Entry SheetMM-SRV
M/11Access: Maintain (Price Services)MM-SRV
M/10Condition Type: ServicesMM-SRV
ACNRNumber Range Maintenance: External ServiceMM-SRV
AC10Class Hierarchy with ServicesMM-SRV
AC08Send serviceMM-SRV
AC06List Display: Service MasterMM-SRV
AC05List Processing: Service MasterMM-SRV
AC04Service MasterMM-SRV
AC03Service MasterMM-SRV

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SAP Inventory Management Tcodes

MB02Change Material DocumentMM-IM
MB01Post Goods Receipt for POMM-IM
M710Output Determ.: Access SequencesMM-IM
M708Output Determination: ProcedureMM-IM
M706Maintain Output Types: Invoice MgmtMM-IM
M705Output: Display Conditions TableMM-IM
M704Output: Change Condition TableMM-IM
M703Output: Create Conditions TableMM-IM
MB04Subsequ.Adj.of Mat.ProvidedConsmp.MM-IM
MB03Display Material DocumentMM-IM

Full List of SAP Inventory Management Tcodes

SAP Invoice Verification Tcodes

MR01Process Incoming InvoiceMM-IV
MIROEnter Incoming InvoiceMM-IV
MIRAFast Invoice EntryMM-IV
MIR7Park InvoiceMM-IV
MIR6Invoice OverviewMM-IV
MIR5Display List of Invoice DocumentsMM-IV
MIR4Call MIRO - Change StatusMM-IV
M813Display Message Condition Table (IV)MM-IV
M812Change Message Condition Table (IV)MM-IV
M811Create Message Condition Table (IV)MM-IV

Full List of SAP Invoice Verification Tcodes

SAP Electronic Data Interchange Tcodes

PRICATPRICAT: Maintain mat. as per catalogMM-EDI
PRICREATPRICAT: BAPI outbound IDoc test dataMM-EDI
PRICATLOGPRICAT: Display application logMM-EDI
PRICATCUS1Pricat: Customizing for V_pricat_001MM-EDI
PRICATCUS2Pricat: Customizing for V_pricat_002MM-EDI
PRICATCUS3Pricat: Customizing for V_Pricat_003MM-EDI