SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - ACCR02

DescriptionChange Accrual/Deferral Document
Program NameSAPMACCR01
Screen Number1002
Transaction TypeT
ModuleFinancial Accounting

The SAP TCode ACCR02 is used for the task : Change Accrual/Deferral Document. The TCode belongs to the ACCR package.

SAP TCode ACCR02 - Change Accrual/Deferral Document

SAP Financial Accounting Tcodes

FBICD2GL Accounts: Differences DevelopmentFI
F110Parameters for Automatic PaymentFI
FAKAConfig.: Show Display FormatFI
FCHXCheck Extract - CreationFI
F-37Customer Down Payment RequestFI
ACCR04Execute Accruals/DeferralsFI
F.93Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.RiskFI
OBMADefault Transaction Type for FI ActsFI
FBV5Document Changes of Parked DocumentsFI
F.21A/R: Open ItemsFI
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