SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Tcodes

FBZ0Display/Edit Payment ProposalFI
FCH5Create Check InformationFI
FCH6Change Check Information/Cash CheckFI
FCH7Reprint CheckFI
FCH8Reverse Check PaymentFI
FCH9Void Issued CheckFI
FCHACheck archivingFI
FCHBCheck retrievalFI
FCHDDelete Payment Run Check InformationFI
FCHEDelete Voided ChecksFI
FCH4Renumber ChecksFI
FCH3Void ChecksFI
FCH2Display Payment Document ChecksFI
FBZ1Post Incoming PaymentsFI
FBZ2Post Outgoing PaymentsFI
FBZ3Incoming Payments Fast EntryFI
FBZ4Payment with PrintoutFI
FBZ5Print Check for Payment DocumentFI
FBZ8Display Payment RunFI
FBZADisplay Pmnt Program ConfigurationFI
FBZPMaintain Pmnt Program ConfigurationFI
FCH1Display Check InformationFI
FCHFDelete Manual ChecksFI
FCHGDelete cashing/extract dataFI
FECJCreate job for multiple periodsFI
FECMOnline manualFI
FECPCopy regulatory parametersFI
FECVClearing cost element variantsFI
FEODDrill down (Old version)FI
FEOTFlow of cost trace (Old version)FI
FEP4Plan versionsFI
FEP5Fiscal year dep. version parametersFI
FEP6Plan versionsFI
FECGGeneral regulatory parametersFI
FECCControl of messages by the userFI
FECACustomizing ArchivingFI
FCHICheck LotsFI
FCHNCheck RegisterFI
FCHROnline Cashed ChecksFI
FCHTChange Check/Payment AssignmentFI
FCHXCheck Extract - CreationFI
FDTATemSe/REGUT Data AdministrationFI
FEC6Regulatory indicator assignmentFI
FEC7Regulatory indicatorsFI
FEC8CO transaction type handlingFI
FEP7Fiscal year dep. version parametersFI
FBWODiscounting of Orbian CreditsFI
FBD2Change Recurring EntryFI
FBL5Display Customer Line ItemsFI
FBL6Change Customer Line ItemsFI
FBM1Enter Sample DocumentFI
FBM2Change Sample DocumentFI
FBM3Display Sample DocumentFI
FBM4Display Sample Document ChangesFI
FBN1Accounting Document Number RangesFI
FBP1Enter Payment RequestFI
FBR1Post with Reference DocumentFI
FBL2Change Vendor Line ItemsFI
FBL1Display Vendor Line ItemsFI
FESRImport of ISR File (Switzerland)FI
FBD3Display Recurring EntryFI
FBD4Display Recurring Entry ChangesFI
FBD5Realize Recurring EntryFI
FBD9Enter Recurring EntryFI
FBE1Create Payment AdviceFI
FBE2Change Payment AdviceFI
FBE3Display Payment AdviceFI
FBE6Delete Payment AdviceFI
FBE7Add to Payment Advice AccountFI
FBR2Post DocumentFI
FBRAReset Cleared ItemsFI
FBV6Parked Document $FI
FBVBPost Parked DocumentFI
FBW1Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt RequestFI
FBW2Post Bill of Pmt RequestFI
FBW3Post Bill of Exchange UsageFI
FBW4Reverse Bill LiabilityFI
FBW5Customer Check/Bill of ExchangeFI
FBW6Vendor Check/Bill of ExchangeFI
FBWDReturned Bills of Exchange PayableFI
FBV5Document Changes of Parked DocumentsFI
FBV4Change Parked Document (Header)FI
FBV3Display Parked DocumentFI
FBRCReset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)FI
FBS1Enter Accrual/Deferral Document FI
FBU2Change Intercompany DocumentFI
FBU3Display Intercompany DocumentFI
FBU8Reverse Cross-Company Code DocumentFI
FBV0Post Parked DocumentFI
FBV1Park DocumentFI
FBV2Change Parked DocumentFI
FBWEBill/Exch.Presentatn - InternationalFI
FER0Standard cost adjustmentFI
F_71DME with Disk: B/Excha. PresentationFI
J1GSW.Tax accountsFI
J1GTW.Tax certificates - Load dataFI
J1GUW.Tax certificates dataFI
J1GWW.Tax certificates - PrintingFI
J1GXBill/Exch.Presentation -GreekFI
OB00C FI Maintain Table T030 (RDF)FI
OB19C FI Maintain Table T059MFI
OBA0G/L Account Tolerance GroupsFI
OBD5C FI Maintain Table T003BFI
J1GRW.Tax certificate typesFI
J1GQExport MYF dataFI
J1GPEdit MYF dataFI
F_75Extended Bill/Exchange InformationFI
F_76Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALV)FI
F_77C FI Maintain Table T045DFI
F_79C FI Maintain Table T045GFI
F_90C FI Maintain Table T045FFI
J1G4MYF - Load customer dataFI
J1G5MYF - Load vendor dataFI
J1G6Import MYF dataFI
J1GOInvoice selection criteriaFI
OBF1C FI Maintain Table TFI01/TFI01TFI
OBF2C FI Maintain Table TFI02FI
OBVTC FI Display Restricted ViewFI
OBVVC FI Maintain Restricted ViewFI
OBWPPayment release by authorized personFI
OBWQPayment Release Document TypesFI
OBX1C FI Table T030B: G/L Account PostingFI
OBZODocument Types for Single Scrn TransactnsFI
OBV7C FI Maintain Table T001OFI
OBV6C FI Maintain Table T030VFI
OBV5C FI Maintain Table T030QFI
OBF3Bank selection current settingFI
OBKRMaintain Number Range: FI_RECEIPTFI
OBMADefault Transaction Type for FI ActsFI
OBMLAssgmt LO Trans Type to FI Trans TypFI
OBNBTransaction Code for SAPMFKM2FI
OBO1C FI FAKP Line Item Line LayoutFI
OBO2C FI FAKP Credit Mangmnt Line LayoutFI
OBT9C FI Maintain Table TTXID (MR01)FI
OBZTSingle Screen Transaction Tax CodeFI
FYMNCall Additional Components (IMG)FI
FER1Trace flow of primary costsFI
FERRReverse regulatory procedureFI
FERSProcess actualFI
FERTFlow of cost traceFI
FERVValidate regulatory configurationFI
FESASummarized final objectsFI
FEV1Controlling area dependent parameterFI
FEV2Company code dependent parametersFI
FEV3Regulatory accounts for traced costsFI
FEV4Specific Standard Cost. Adj. assignmentsFI
FERQProcess planFI
FERPProcess plan for current periodFI
FEROProcess actuals for current periodFI
FER2Post primary costsFI
FER3Post variance allocationsFI
FER4Direct postingsFI
FER5Prepare drill downFI
FERDDrill downFI
FERETransport periodic parametersFI
FERHProcessing historyFI
FERNRelease notesFI
FEV5Specific clearing COEl assignmentsFI
FEV6Regulatory indicator assignmentsFI
FSO3Display Finan.Statement Vers. (Old)FI
FV50Park G/L Account ItemsFI
FV53Display Parked G/L Account DocumentFI
FV60Park Incoming InvoicesFI
FV63Displayed Parked Vendor DocumentFI
FV65Park Incoming Credit MemosFI
FV70Preliminary Entry Outbound InvoicesFI
FV73Display Parked Customer DocumentFI
FV75Park Outgoing Credit NotesFI
FSO2Change Finan.Statement Vers. (old)FI
FSAVBalance Confirmations: Reply ViewFI
FSAPAddresses for Balance ConfirmationsFI
FEV9Regulatory accounts for direct post.FI
FINTItem Interest CalculationFI
FK10Vendor Account BalanceFI
FKMTFI Account Assignment Model ManagementFI
FOTPCreate Electr. Special Advance PaytFI
FOTVAdmin. Report Data TransmissionFI
FQUDCustomer QueriesFI
FQUKVendor QueriesFI
FQUSG/L Account QueriesFI
FXMNCall Additional Components (FDMN)FI
F.24A/R: Interest for Days OverdueFI
F.42A/P: Account BalancesFI
F.45A/P: Set Up Info System 1FI
F.46A/P: Evaluate Info SystemFI
F.48Vendors: FI-MM comparisonFI arr.: Post (w/o OI)FI arr.: Post(with OI)FI arr.: with o postingsFI
F.50G/L: Profitability Segment AdjustmntFI
F.51G/L: Open ItemsFI
F.53G/L: Account Assignment ManualFI
F.41A/P: Open ItemsFI
F.40A/P: Account ListFI
F.25Bill of Exchange ListFI
F.26A/R: Balance Interest CalculationFI
F.29A/R: Set Up Info System 1FI
F.2AA/R Overdue Int.: Post (Without OI)FI
F.2BA/R Overdue Int.: Post (with OI)FI arr.: with o postingsFI
F.2DCustomrs: FI-SD comparisonFI
F.30A/R: Evaluate Info SystemFI
F.36Adv.Ret.on Sls/ Purchase Form Printout(DE)FI
F.38Transfer Posting of Deferred TaxFI
F.54G/L: Structured Account BalancesFI
F.57G/L: Delete Sample DocumentsFI
F.5DG/L: Update Bal. Sheet AdjustmentFI
F010ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year ChangeFI
F101ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj.FI
F107FI Valuation RunFI
F-39Clear Customer Down PaymentFI
F110Parameters for Automatic PaymentFI
F13EAutomatic Clearing With CurrencyFI
F150Dunning RunFI
F17PBal. Confirmation (Customer) as PDFFI
F18PBal. Confirmation (Vendor) as PDFFI
FAKAConfig.: Show Display FormatFI
F.93Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.RiskFI
F.81Reverse Posting for Accr./Defer.DocsFI
F.5EG/L: Post Balance Sheet AdjustmentFI
F.5FG/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment LogFI
F.5GG/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.ErAFI
F.64Correspondence: Maintain RequestsFI
F.65Correspondence: Print Letters (Cust)FI
F.66Correspondence: Print Letters (Vend)FI
F.70Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request DunningFI
F.71DME with Disk: B/Excha. PresentationFI
F.75Extended Bill/Exchange InformationFI
F.80Mass Reversal of DocumentsFI
FAKPConfig.: Maintain Display FormatFI
F.23A/R: Account BalancesFI
F-44Clear VendorFI
F-59Payment RequestFI
F-63Park Vendor InvoiceFI
F-42Enter Transfer PostingFI
F-41Enter Vendor Credit MemoFI
F-64Park Customer InvoiceFI
F-65Preliminary PostingFI
F-40Bill of Exchange PaymentFI
F-66Park Vendor Credit MemoFI
F-67Park Customer Credit MemoFI
F.01ABAP Report: Financial StatementsFI
F-58Payment with PrintoutFI
F-57Vendor Noted ItemFI
F-46Reverse Refinancing AcceptanceFI
F-47Down Payment RequestFI
F-48Post Vendor Down PaymentFI
F-49Customer Noted ItemFI
F-51Post with ClearingFI
F-52Post Incoming PaymentsFI
F-53Post Outgoing PaymentsFI
F-54Clear Vendor Down PaymentFI
F-55Enter Statistical PostingFI
F-56Reverse Statistical PostingFI
F.02Compact JournalFI
F.04G/L: Create Foreign Trade ReportFI
F.14ABAP/4 Report: Recurring EntriesFI
F.15ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.EntriesFI
F.16ABAP/4 Report: G/L Bal.CarryforwardFI
F.17ABAP/4 Report: Customer Bal.ConfirmationFI
F.18ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.ConfirmationFI
F.19G/L: Goods/Invoice Received ClearingFI
F.1ACustomer/Vendor StatisticsFI
F.1BHead Office and Branch IndexFI
F.20A/R: Account ListFI
F.21A/R: Open ItemsFI
F.13Automatic Clearing without CurrencyFI
F-43Enter Vendor InvoiceFI
F.05Foreign Currency ValuationFI
F.06Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L AsstsFI
F.07G/L: Balance CarryforwardFI
F.08G/L: Account BalancesFI
F.09G/L: Account ListFI
F.0AG/L: FTR Report on DiskFI
F.0BG/L: Create Z2 to Z4FI
F.10G/L: Chart of AccountsFI
F.11G/L: General Ledger from Document FileFI
F.12Adv.Retrn for Tax on Sales/PurchasesFI
F.22A/R: Open Item Sorted ListFI
F-21Enter Transfer PostingFI
F-03Clear G/L AccountFI
F-35Post ForfaitingFI
F-36Bill of Exchange PaymentFI
F-37Customer Down Payment RequestFI
F-02Enter G/L Account PostingFI
F-38Enter Statistical PostingFI
FB70Enter Outgoing InvoicesFI
FB65Enter Incoming Credit MemosFI
FB60Enter Incoming InvoicesFI
FB50G/L Account Pstg: Single Screen Transaction FI
FB31Enter Noted ItemFI
FB2EReconciliation btwn affiliated compsFI
FB22Reverse Statistical PostingFI
FB21Enter Statistical PostingFI
F-01Enter Sample DocumentFI
F-34Post CollectionFI
F-04Post with ClearingFI
F-22Enter Customer InvoiceFI
F-23Return Bill of Exchange Pmt RequestFI
F-25Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.FI
F-26Incoming Payments Fast EntryFI
F-20Reverse Bill LiabilityFI
F-28Post Incoming PaymentsFI
F-29Post Customer Down PaymentFI
F-19Reverse Statistical PostingFI
F-18Payment with PrintoutFI
F-05Post Foreign Currency ValuationFI
FB75Enter Outgoing Credit MemosFI
F-31Post Outgoing PaymentsFI
F-32Clear CustomerFI
F-33Post Bill of Exchange UsageFI
F-27Enter Customer Credit MemoFI
FBA2Post Customer Down PaymentFI
F.44A/P: Balance Interest CalculationFI
FBA1Customer Down Payment RequestFI
FBA3Clear Customer Down PaymentFI
FBA6Vendor Down Payment RequestFI
FBA7Post Vendor Down PaymentFI
FBA8Clear Vendor Down PaymentFI
FB05Post with ClearingFI
FB04Document ChangesFI
FB03Display DocumentFI
FBCBBalance Carryfwd for Ledger GroupFI
FB02Change DocumentFI
FB01Post DocumentFI
FB00Accounting Editing OptionsFI
FBD1Enter Recurring EntryFI
F-30Post with ClearingFI
FB07Control TotalsFI
FB18Maintain Standard Mail TextsFI
FB12Correspondence RequestFI
FB11Post Held DocumentFI
FB10Invoice/Credit Fast EntryFI
FB15Assign ItemsFI
FB16Assign ItemsFI
ACCNRange Maintenance: Accrual Master NumberFI
FB1KClear VendorFI
FB17Open Item Assignmnt: Check from ListFI
FB09Change Line ItemsFI
FB99Check if Documents can be ArchivedFI
FB08Reverse DocumentFI
FB13Release for PaymentsFI
FB1DClear CustomerFI
OBVCSC FI Display ViewFI
OBVCUC FI Maintain View ClusterFI
J1GGLDetailed LedgerFI
FK10NVendor Balance DisplayFI
FEV13Clearing cost elementsFI
FS10NBalance DisplayFI
OBT10C FI Maintenance Table TTXID (DOC_ITEM)FI
J1GCDCheck Digit Routines (for Cheques)FI
FEVF6Organizational assignment of objectsFI
J1GCLCustomer LedgerFI
FBBCXPost Document with Currency ExchangeFI
FEV3ARegulatory indicator variantsFI
FEV11Regulatory indicator assignmnt fieldFI
FEV10Secondary cost elem. to be ignoredFI
FB03ZDisplay Document/Payment UsageFI
FB08SReverse Split DocumentFI
FEC14Clearing groupsFI
FB09DDisplay Line ItemsFI
J1GVLVendor LedgerFI
FBICCICR: Generate Default CustomizingFI
FD10NCustomer Balance DisplayFI
FB03SDisplay Split DocumentsFI
F110SAutomatic Scheduling of Payment ProgFI
FBWO1Maintenance View: Orbian LinksFI
ACCR01Create Accrual/Deferral DocumentFI
ACCR02Change Accrual/Deferral DocumentFI
ACCR03Display Accrual/Deferral DocumentFI
J1GOD0Control tableFI
J1GAL0Maintain J_1GALCFI
ACCR04Execute Accruals/DeferralsFI
ACCR05Display Accruals/Deferrals LogFI
ACCR07Reverse Accruals/DeferralsFI
ACCR06Delete Accruals/Deferrals LogFI
OFB2E1RFC Connections for IC ReconciliatnFI
J1GJRAAdmin tool for Journal official runsFI
J1GJR9Control tableFI
J1GJR8Document types assignmentFI
J1GJR7Legal numbers listFI
J1GJR6Document typesFI
J1GJR5Document types assignmentFI
OFN_YRNumber range maintenance: OFN_YRFI
OFB2E3Define Reconciliation CriteriaFI
OFB2E2e-mail Templates for IC ReconciliatnFI
J1GJR4Journal descriptionsFI
J1GJR2Posting keysFI
J1GCHLCash in hands informationFI
J1GTBGLedger Trial BalanceFI
J1GCOAChart of AccountsFI
J1GCPDXtd Bill of Exchange informationFI
J1GFDDCustomer Financial DataFI
J1GFDKVendor Financial DataFI
J1GTBKVendor Trial BalanceFI
J1UFMRCustomizing for exch.diff.accountingFI
J1UFN1Difference List for StockFI
J1UFRLRevaluation document listFI
J1GTDLDual Acc.System Reconcil.TableFI
J1GTBDCustomer Trial BalanceFI
J1GTBCControl tableFI
ERS_ITNumber range maintenance: ERS_ITFI
J1GJR1Document typesFI
J1GAL1Maintain J_1GAR_AL_VFI
J1GAL3Maintain J_1GGAFI
J1GAL4Maintain J_1GIAFI
J1GAL8Update A/L (FI) from SPLFI
J1GSL0Summarized LedgerFI
J1GSL1Control tableFI
J1GALTCreate table groupFI
J1GJR0Document journalFI
FBICS2GL Accounts: Select DocumentsFI
J1GAL2Maintain J_1GORFI
FINTAPItem Interest Calculation VendorsFI
FEV13ACost element variantsFI
FBICA1GL Open Items: Document AssignmentFI
FBICS1GL Open Items: Select DocumentsFI
FBICD2GL Accounts: Differences DevelopmentFI
FBICD3Open Items: Differences DevelopmentFI
FD10NACustomer Bal. Display with WorklistFI
FBICR1GL Open Items: Reconcile DocumentsFI
FBICR2GL Accounts: Reconcile DocumentsFI
FBICR3Customer/Vendor: Reconcile DocumentsFI
FBICS3Customer/Vendor: Select DocumentsFI
FK10NAVendor Balance DisplayFI
FBICA3Customer/Vendor: Document AssignmentFI
FLOREOCustomizing of Logical Document Reorganization FI
FBICA2GL Accounts: Document AssignmentFI
FBICD1Open Items: Differences DevelopmentFI
FOTED1Electr. Data Transmission SettingsFI
FS10NADisplay BalancesFI
FOTED2Elec. Data Transmission Parameter(s)FI
J1UFTVGTax voucher creationFI
J1UFRVNCheck list for outgoing tax vouchersFI
J1UFRONCheck list for incoming tax vouchersFI
J1GTBGFTrial Balance to ASCII fileFI
FBICR3LIntercompany Reconciliation (Local)FI
J1UFIMPImport reportFI
FBIC030Activate Process TablesFI
J1UFBVCCurrency balance value evaluationFI
FBIC028Activate Process TablesFI
FBIC027Activate Process TablesFI
FBIC026Reconciliation: Totals RecordsFI
J1UF_F7Form 7FI
J1UFKPPSales/purchase book for UkraineFI
J1UF_PDProfit declarationFI
J3KNA14Foreign payment orderFI
J1UFGPNTax vouchers generationFI
J1UFFARFixed Assets repairsFI
J1UFEXPExport reportFI
OACCR02G/L Account Determination for Acr./Definition FI
FBIC035Define CompaniesFI
FBIC034Upload Contact Person DataFI
FBIC033Download Contact Person DataFI
FBIC032Companies to be ReconciledFI
OACCR01Accruals/Deferrals Document Type Maintenance FI
J1GVVALVendor valuationFI
FBIC031Activate Process TablesFI
FBIC029Activate Process TablesFI
FBIC025Reconciliation: DocumentsFI
J1GDAS2Maintain J_1GIMFI
J1GDAS1Maintain J_1GIDFI
J1GCVALCustomer valuationFI
FBIC011Auxiliary ProgramsFI
FBIC010Reconciliation Process AttributesFI
FBIC009Companies to be ReconciledFI
FBIC004Activate Transaction Data TablesFI
FBIC008Companies to be ReconciledFI
FBIC006Create Additional FieldsFI
FK10NETVendor Balance DisplayFI
FBIC005Create Additional FieldsFI
FBIC003Create Additional FieldsFI
FBIC002Automatically Assign AccountsFI
FBIC001Check Assignment of AccountsFI
F_IT_01Report RFSUMB00 ItalyFI
J1GFBWEBill/Exch.Presentation -GreekFI
FBIC012Reconciliation: Delete DataFI
FBIC024Reconciliation: Recalculate TotalsFI
FBIC022Reconciliation: StatusFI
FBIC021Reconciliation: StatusFI
FBIC020Reconciliation: StatusFI
FBIC019Reconciliation: DocumentsFI
FBIC018Reconciliation: Totals RecordsFI
FBIC017Reconciliation: Totals RecordsFI
FBIC016Reconciliation: DocumentsFI
FBIC015Reconciliation: Recalculate TotalsFI
FD10NETCustomer Balance DisplayFI
FBIC014Reconciliation: Delete DataFI
FBIC013Reconciliation: Recalculate TotalsFI
FDKUSERInternet: User Action AssignmentFI
FBIC023Reconciliation: Delete DataFI
J1GFISAPrint FI document cardFI
RFUMSV53Deferred Tax ToolboxFI
RFUMSV52Analysis of Deferred Tax AccountsFI
J1UF_TTDCalc. of the temporary tax differenFI
OFFNUMLVObsolete: Assignment of Act Numb.Group FI
J1GCKPR0Print a manual chequeFI
J3KLANDAAlternative country codesFI
FBZA_OLDDisplay Pmnt Program ConfigurationFI
J1GCKCP0Create and print G/L Account checqueFI
J1GPMT3VCheck print programFI
FDKTRANSTransport User Actions FI_AP/ARFI
FBICIMG3Cross-System IC ReconciliationFI
FBZP_OLDMaintain Pmnt Program ConfigurationFI
J1UFAB08FI-AA reversal documet posting 4.6CFI
J1UFCOMPAct compareFI
FINTSHOWOverview of Int. Runs for Item. Int.FI
J1GVATC1Accountsubstitutions for VAT reportFI
J1UFINV1Inventory of Fixed AssetsFI
FBICRC003Configure Service RequestsFI
FBICRC001Configure Reconciliation OverviewFI
OFFNUMLV2Assign Number Ranges for ODN LVFI
F107_MT2AAssign Transaction Types to ActionsFI
J1UFTAX21VAT declaration (Ukraine)FI
F107_A2MTAssign Transaction Types to ActionsFI
F107_PROVFI ProvisionsFI
J1UFFORM4Capital Flow StatementFI
FBICRC002Set Up Assignment ConfirmationFI
FAREA_MODESetting: Determination of Funct.AreaFI
F_RFUMSV25Transfer Posting for Deferred TaxFI
OFB2E_CNUMCompany IDs in External SystemFI
MPO_APPREQServices for Request TypesFI
FGSODN_IT1Number range maintenance: FIN2_ITFI
FMFG_AAPAYPartial Clearing by Account . AssignmentFI
DOCCHG_FB05Post with ClearingFI
J5KFHLFADACAdvance AccountingFI
FSL_EVALUNRNumber Range Maintenance: SL_EVALUFI
FMFG_AADISPDisplay Items by Account . AssignmentFI
J1G_SM30_GSMaintain J_1GGSFI
J1UF_IN_OUTRegister incom./outgoing tax voucherFI
J1G_SM30_GLMaintain J_1GGLFI
J3KNA14_PRIMRemark control Foreign Payment OrderFI
F107_PROV_RPFI Discounting: Receivables/PayablesFI
OB_V_CESSIONFI Customizing: Accounts Rble Fact.Ind.FI
J5KFHLFCASH15Cash Journal ReportsFI
F107_PROVMETHFI Provision Calculation MethodsFI
FBIC_SNRO_DOCNumber range maintenance: FBICRC_DOCFI
S_AL0_96000640Significant Transaction Cross Check CTTIFI
S_AL0_96000642Daily Report for VATFI
S_AL0_96000497Accounting DocumentFI
S_AL0_96000639Resolution AFIP 615FI
S_AC0_52000644Deferred Tax TransferFI
OB_T001_CESSIONFI Customizing: Accounts Rble PledgingFI
SSC_SR_AUTO_F110Srvc. Requisition for Payment RunFI
FIAR_DUN_TOPLISTDue Date Grid for Dunned CustomersFI
F_TIBAN_WO_ACCNOMaintenance View TIBAN_WO_ACCNO (Modification )FI
FSSC_SR_FI_REPORTService requestion report for FIFI
FSSC_SR_CO_REPORTService Request Report for COFI
FIAR_QRYCACHE_CFGSet Retention Period for CacheFI
FBICRC_PREDEF_TOOLICR: Launch Predefinition ToolFI
J1UF_SET_PROFIT_DECLSettings profit declarationFI
FIAR_PAYDIFF_TOPLISTCustomers with Payment DifferencesFI
FIAR_OVERDUE_TOPLISTDue Date Grid for CustomersFI
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SAP General Ledger Accounting Tcodes

EWX1FI Analyze: Open ItemsFI-GL
F61ABank archivingFI-GL
F13LAutom. Clearing Spec. to Ledger Group FI-GL
F.52G/L: Account Bal.Interest CalculationFI-GL
F-07Post Outgoing PaymentsFI-GL
F-06Post Incoming PaymentsFI-GL
EWX7FI Post: Post Documents SubsequentlyFI-GL
EWX5FI Analysis: Cost Element CheckFI-GL
EWX3FI Analyze: Document Splitting AdjustmtFI-GL
EWX2FI Analyze: Open ItemsFI-GL

Full List of SAP General Ledger Accounting Tcodes

SAP Consolidation Tcodes

GC19FI-LC: Print SubgroupsFI-LC
GC18Display SubgroupFI-LC
GC17Change Subgroup Master RecordFI-LC
GC16Create Subgroup Master RecordFI-LC
GC14Delete Company Master RecordFI-LC
GC13Display Company Master RecordFI-LC
GC12Change Company Master RecordFI-LC
GC11Create Company Master RecordFI-LC
GC10FI-LC: Print CompaniesFI-LC
GC01Call GS01 for LCFI-LC

Full List of SAP Consolidation Tcodes

SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tcodes

FP06Account MaintenanceFI-CA
FK59C FI-CA Table maintenance TFK044AFI-CA
FP03Submission to External Collective AgencyFI-CA
EK79Default values for cash deposit int.FI-CA
FP05Process Payment LotFI-CA
FP00Determine Application ComponentFI-CA
CFCSClarification worklist - CustomizingFI-CA
FP04Write OffFI-CA
CASKCA Control: DatasetsFI-CA
CACJBP Cust: Field Grouping ActivityFI-CA

Full List of SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tcodes

SAP Bank Accounting Tcodes

FBPMPayment medium program of PMWFI-BL
OCR3Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OCR2Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OBZHC FI Maintenance Table TCCFIFI-BL
OCR1Payment Cards: Check ResultsFI-BL
OBZIC FI Maintenance Table TCCAAFI-BL
FCCRPayment Card EvaluationsFI-BL
FCC4Payment Cards: Display LogsFI-BL
FCC3Payment Cards: Delete LogsFI-BL
FCC2Payment Cards: Repeat SettlementFI-BL

Full List of SAP Bank Accounting Tcodes

SAP Asset Accounting Tcodes

AO86Account Assignment RetirementsFI-AA
AO95Account assignment for Unplanned depreciationFI-AA
AO94Special Depreciation Account AssignmentFI-AA
AO90Account assignmt AcquisitionsFI-AA
AO87Account Assignmt Revaluation on APCFI-AA
AO98Account assignment InterestFI-AA
AO97Account assignment for Revaluation of depreciationFI-AA
AO93Ordinary Depreciation Account AssignmentFI-AA
AO96Account assignment for Transfer of reservesFI-AA
AO69Account assignment KTNAIBFI-AA

Full List of SAP Asset Accounting Tcodes

SAP Lease Accounting Tcodes

0FILACustomizing LAE Initial ScreenFI-LA
FIEH01Process Contracts with ErrorsFI-LA
FILAADJManual Changes to Value ID ContentsFI-LA
FILACUSList Available Help ProgramsFI-LA
FILAADMNProcess Processing Initial ScreenFI-LA
FILAEXAMLease: Process AnalysisFI-LA
FILATESTProcess Processing Initial ScreenFI-LA
0FILAIMGCustomizing LAE Initial ScreenFI-LA
FILAHELPList Available Help ProgramsFI-LA
FILASYSTJump to IMG for System CustomizingFI-LA

Full List of SAP Lease Accounting Tcodes

SAP Retail Ledger Tcodes

RTDERetail Ledger: Delete Transaction DataFI-RL
RETAIL_GVTRBalance C/F Retail LedgerFI-RL
RETAIL_GCU6Retail Ledger: Transfer CO Plan DataFI-RL
RETAIL_GCU3Retail Ledger: Transfer CO Actual DataFI-RL
RETAIL_GCU1Retail Ledger: Transfer Data from FIFI-RL
RETAIL_GB01Retail Ledger: Post DocumentFI-RL
RETAIL_BLOCKRetail Ledger: Block Company CodesFI-RL
RETAIL_ITEMSLine Items Retail LedgerFI-RL
RETAIL_TOTALSRetail Ledger:Display Totals RecordsFI-RL
RETAIL_SUBPOSTRetail Ledger: Allow Subsequent PostFI-RL

Full List of SAP Retail Ledger Tcodes

SAP Funds Management Tcodes

FM+0Display FM Main Role DefinitionFI-FM
FM+2Display FM Amount GroupsFI-FM
FM+1Maintain FM Main Role DefinitionFI-FM
F8+5Maintain General Role DefinitionFI-FM
F8+4Maintain Account Assignment GroupsFI-FM
F8+3Maintain FI Amount GroupsFI-FM
F8+2Display FI Amount GroupsFI-FM
F8+1Maintain FI Main Role DefinitionFI-FM
F8+0Display FI Main Role DefinitionFI-FM
DECKCash Holding YearsFI-FM

Full List of SAP Funds Management Tcodes

SAP Travel Management Tcodes

PRT3Travel Expenses: Maintain PostingsFI-TV
PTRM_PLARR_SETUPIntial setup TrvPlArrgNotifcationFI-TV
PTRM_PLARR_INI_UPIntial upload TrvPlArrgNotifcationFI-TV
PTRM_PLARR_DELTA_UPDelta upload TrvPlArrgNotifcationFI-TV

SAP Localization Tcodes

LN"MO offline creationFI-LOC
FJA6Infl. Adj. of Open Payables (LC)FI-LOC
DMEEDMEE: Format Tree Maintenance ToolFI-LOC
FJA3Balance Sheet/P&L with InflationFI-LOC
FJA4Infl. Adjustment of Open Items (FC)FI-LOC
CISVCIS Vendor Verification ProcessFI-LOC
CI03Display CIAP DocumentFI-LOC
CI02Change CIAP DocumentFI-LOC
CI01Create CIAP DocumentFI-LOC
FJA2Change Last Adjustment DatesFI-LOC

Full List of SAP Localization Tcodes