SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - CK82

SAP TcodeCK82
DescriptionSelect Cost Estimates
Program NameRKKBCAL0
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleControllingProduct Cost ControllingProduct Cost Controlling Information System

The SAP TCode CK82 is used for the task : Select Cost Estimates. The TCode belongs to the KKB package.

SAP TCode CK82 - Select Cost Estimates

SAP Product Cost Controlling Information System Tcodes

KKORReport SelectionCO-PC-IS
KKEDBOM for Base Planning ObjectsCO-PC-IS
KKO6Display FormCO-PC-IS
KKRPProject SummarizationCO-PC-IS
OKL8Report Tree: Product CostingCO-PC-IS
KSBBRun Selected ReportsCO-PC-IS
CK87Costed BOM Sales OrdersCO-PC-IS
KKB2Costing Items for Cost ObjectCO-PC-IS
CK83Print Cost Estimates in BackgroundCO-PC-IS
KKDVCO-PC: Summarization level maintenance CO-PC-IS
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