SAP Controlling (CO) Tcodes

KP85Create Statistical KF Planning LayoutCO
KP35Display CO Planner ProfileCO
KSAHDisplay condition tablesCO
KSAIAccrual Calc.: Maintain Actual DataCO
KSAJAccrual Calc.: Maintain Tgt=Act CredCO
KP34CO Maintain Planner ProfileCO
KP27Display Plan Data for Activity TypesCO
KP26Change Plan Data for Activity TypesCO
KP17Display Plan Data for Primary CostsCO
KP16Change Plan Data for Primary CostsCO
KP07Display Planning CElem/ Actual InputCO
KP06Change CElem/Activity Input PlanningCO
KP04Set Planner ProfileCO
KSAPAccrual Calc.: Maintain Plan DataCO
KOW3Display Periodic RepostingCO
KP36Change Secondary Cost Plan DataCO
KP37Display Secondary Costs Plan DataCO
KP46Change Statistical Key Figure Plan DataCO
KP84Delete Distribution KeyCO
KP83Display Distribution KeyCO
KP82Change Distribution KeyCO
KP81Create Distribution KeyCO
KP80Maintain Distribution KeysCO
KP77Display Activ. Type Planning LayoutCO
KP76Change Activity Type Planning LayoutCO
KP75Create Activity Type Planning LayoutCO
KP67Display Cost Planning LayoutCO
KP66Change Cost Planning LayoutCO
KP65Create Cost Planning LayoutCO
KP57Display Revenue Plan DataCO
KP56Change Revenue Plan DataCO
KP47Display Statistical Key Figure Plan DataCO
KSAQMaintain surcharge conditionsCO
KOW2Change Periodic RepostingCO
KSCADelete Indirect Activity Allocation PlanCO
KEO3Display Enterprise OrganizationCO
KEO2Change Enterprise OrganizationCO
KEO1Create Enterprise OrganizationCO
KSCBExecute Plan Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KSCCIndirect Acty Allocation Plan: OverviewCO
KSCKFind CCtrs in Cycles and SegmentsCO
KCMACCA Allocation: Field Group TextsCO
KCJVCCA: Data Control, DistributionCO
KCJUCCA: Data Control, AssessmentCO
KCJPCCA: Data Control, Period. RepostingCO
KCJLCCA: Data Control, Indicator Acty Allocation CO
KCJGCCA: Data Control, JV DistributionCO
KCJFCCA: Data Control, JV AssessmentCO
KSC9Display Indirect Acty Allocation PlanCO
KSC8Change Indirect Activity Allocation PlanCO
KSC7Create Indirect Activity Allocation PlanCO
KSARDisplay Overhead ConditionsCO
KOW1Create Periodic RepostingCO
KSAZAccrual: Maintain Overhead StructureCO
KSC1Create Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KJH2Change WBS Element GroupsCO
KJH1Create WBS Element GroupsCO
KISRExecute Actual Segment AdjustmentCO
KIS6Segment Adjustment: OverviewCO
KSC2Change Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KSC3Display Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KPY4Delete Planning ParametersCO
KSC4Delete Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KSC5Execute Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KSC6 Actual Indirect Acty Allocation : OverviewCO
KCJBCCA: Data Control, Procurement AssessmentCO
KR05Execute SummarizationCO
KPSICO-CCA Plan ReconciliationCO
KPRZDepend.Planning: RecalculationCO
KPRKDefine Access SequencesCO
KPRIDefine Price TablesCO
KPRDDisplay Costing Sheet for CO Res.CO
KPRCMaintain Costing Sheet for CO Res.CO
KPR5Display CO Resource Price TypesCO
KPR4Maintain CO Resource Price TypesCO
KPPSAllocation Template Plan: CCtr/ATypCO
KPI7Display Statistical Key Figure Plan DataCO
KPI6Change Statistical Key Figure Plan DataCO
KPHRTransfer HR Costs to COCO
KPH7Display Statistical KF Planning LayoutCO
KPH6Change Statistical KF Planning LayoutCO
KPSRExecute Plan Segment ReversalCO
KPT6Execute Formula PlanningCO
KPU1Create Plan RevaluationCO
KR04Delete SummarizationCO
KR03Display SummarizationCO
KR02Change SummarizationCO
KR01Create SummarizationCO
KPZ3Display Cost Center BudgetCO
KPZ2Change Cost Center BudgetCO
KSA4Execute actual accrualCO
KPY3Display Planning ParametersCO
KPY2Change Planning ParametersCO
KPY1Create Planning ParametersCO
KPUBRevaluate Plan in BackgroundCO
KPU4Delete Plan RevaluationCO
KPU3Display Plan RevaluationCO
KPU2Change Plan RevaluationCO
KPH5Create Statistical KF Planning LayoutCO
KPH4Delete Distribution KeyCO
KPB7Display Activity Type Plan DataCO
KPB6Change Activity Type Plan DataCO
KPA7Display Primary Cost Elem. PlanningCO
KPA6Change Primary Cost Element PlanningCO
KP9RCopy CO Resource PricesCO
KP98Copy Actual to Plan for Cost CentersCO
KP97Copy Planning for Cost CentersCO
KP96Activate L. Items and Int. PlanningCO
KP95Revaluate Manual PlanningCO
KSA9Execute Plan AccrualCO
KP91Delete Planned CostsCO
KSAGMaintain condition tablesCO
KP90Delete Planned CostsCO
KP87Display Statistical KF Planning LayoutCO
KPC6Change Activity Input PlanningCO
KPC7Display activity input planningCO
KPD6Change Statistical Key Figure Plan DataCO
KPH3Display Distribution KeyCO
KPH2Change Distribution KeyCO
KPH1Create Distribution KeyCO
KPH0Maintain Distribution KeysCO
KPG7Display Cost Planning LayoutCO
KPG6Change Cost Planning LayoutCO
KPG5Create Cost Planning LayoutCO
KPF7Display CElem./Acty Input PlanningCO
KPF6Change CElem/Activity Input PlanningCO
KPEUFlexible Upload for Excel PlanningCO
KPEPLog: Flexible Excel UploadCO
KPE7Display Revenue Element PlanningCO
KPE6Change Revenue Element PlanningCO
KPD7Display Statistical Key Figure Plan DataCO
KP86Change Statistical KF Planning LayoutCO
KB23Display Activity AllocationCO
KSV5Execute Actual DistributionCO
KSV6Actual Distribution: OverviewCO
KSV7Create Plan DistributionCO
KSV8Change Plan DistributionCO
KSV9Display Plan DistributionCO
KSVADelete Plan DistributionCO
KSW6Periodic Repostings: OverviewCO
KSVBExecute Plan DistributionCO
KSVCPlan Distribution: OverviewCO
KSW1Create Periodic RepostingCO
KSW2Change Periodic RepostingCO
KSV4Delete Actual DistributionCO
KB11Enter Reposting of Primary CostsCO
KSU7Create Plan AssessmentCO
KB21Enter Activity AllocationCO
KSU8Change Plan AssessmentCO
KSU9Display Plan AssessmentCO
KSUADelete Plan AssessmentCO
KSUBExecute Plan AssessmentCO
KSUCPlan Assessment: OverviewCO
KB14Reverse Reposting of Primary CostsCO
KSV1Create Actual DistributionCO
KB13Display Reposting of Primary CostsCO
KSV2Change Actual DistributionCO
KSW3Display Periodic RepostingCO
KSW4Delete Periodic RepostingCO
OKETMaintain Price Calculation SettingsCO
OKF1Change Budget Planning ProfileCO
OX06Controlling Area: Basic DataCO
PSW5Per.Repostgs in Actual for ProjectsCO
QSFFCustomizing TemplateCO
CJ9FCopy Project Costing (Collective)CO
BD26Get Activity TypeCO
BD25Send Activity TypeCO
BD18Send General Ledger AccountCO
BD17Get Cost CenterCO
BD16Send Cost CenterCO
OKBIDefine CO Line Item SummarizationCO
OKBDChange Function AreasCO
KSW5Execute Actual Periodic RepostingCO
KSW7Create Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSW8Change Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSW9Display Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSWADelete Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSWBExecute Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSWCPlan Periodic Repostings: OverviewCO
KVA4Transfer Plan Statistical Key FigureCO
KVA5Transfer Actual Statistical Key FigureCO
OK16Planner Profiles: Maintenance Authorization GroupCO
OK18Maintain Authorization GroupsCO
KSV3Display Actual DistributionCO
KB63Display Reposting of CO Line ItemsCO
KSESCO: Allocation Structure for AssessmentCO
KB53Display Activity PostingCO
KSCPFind Processes in Cycles / SegmentsCO
PSWBExecute Per.Reposting Plan ProjectsCO
KB43Display Reposting of RevenuesCO
KSU1Create Actual AssessmentCO
KB41Enter Reposting of RevenuesCO
KSEXAllocations: ExtractsCO
KB44Reverse Reposting of RevenuesCO
KB67Reverse IAA RepostingCO
KSPUExecute Plan RevaluationCO
KSPIIterative Plan Price CalculationCO
KB64Reverse Reposting of CO Line ItemsCO
KSPPTransfer Planning From LogisticsCO
KCIUCCA: Field Use, AssessmentCO
KB65Enter Indirect Acty Allocation Reposting:CO
KB51Enter Activity PostingCO
KB66Display Indir. Acty Allocation RepostingCO
KB61Enter Reposting of CO Line ItemsCO
KSRTAllocations: Runtime AnalysisCO
KB31Enter Statistical Key FiguresCO
KSU4Delete Actual AssessmentCO
KCIFCCA: Field Use, JV AssessmentCO
KSOVCycle Maintenance/Overview (CCACO
KCIGCCA: Field Use, JV DistributionCO
KCILCCA: Field Use, Indicator Acty Allocation CO
KSU5Execute Actual AssessmentCO
KCIPCCA: Field Use, Periodic RepostingCO
KB24Reverse Activity AllocationCO
KSU6Actual Assessment: OverviewCO
KCIBCCA: Field Use, Process AssessmentCO
KCHACCA Allocation: Data Field Descript.CO
KB33Display Statistical Key FiguresCO
KSU2Change Actual AssessmentCO
KSIIActual Price Determination: CCtrsCO
KB34Reverse Statistical Key FiguresCO
KB54Reverse Activity PostingCO
KSU3Display Actual AssessmentCO
KSCANDelete Indirect Activity Allocation PlanCO
KSW9NDisplay Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSWCNPlan Periodic Repostings: OverviewCO
KSWANDelete Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSC8NChange Indirect Activity Allocation PlanCO
KSCCNIndirect Acty Allocation Plan: OverviewCO
SURQCSurvey: Question catalogCO
SURFISurvey: set application fieldCO
SURF4Survey: F4 Help assignmentCO
SURAPSurvey: register applicationCO
SURADSurvey AdministrationCO
SE16NGeneral Table DisplayCO
SE16HGeneral Table DisplayCO
KSU3NDisplay Actual AssessmentCO
QISR1Internal Service Request - FormsCO
KSC9NDisplay Indirect Acty Allocation PlanCO
SURSTSurvey: build questionnaire structure CO
KSC7NCreate Indirect Activity Allocation PlanCO
KSV7NCreate Plan DistributionCO
KSV6NActual Distribution: OverviewCO
KSV4NDelete Actual DistributionCO
KSV3NDisplay Actual DistributionCO
SURSYAssignment: application - systemCO
KSV2NChange Actual DistributionCO
KSU1NCreate Actual AssessmentCO
KSV1NCreate Actual DistributionCO
KSU2NChange Actual AssessmentCO
KSUCNPlan Assessment: OverviewCO
KSUANDelete Plan AssessmentCO
KSU9NDisplay Plan AssessmentCO
KSU8NChange Plan AssessmentCO
KSU4NDelete Actual AssessmentCO
KSU7NCreate Plan AssessmentCO
KSC1NCreate Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KSV8NChange Plan DistributionCO
KSW8NChange Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSW7NCreate Plan Periodic RepostingCO
KSC6N Actual Indirect Acty Allocation : OverviewCO
KSW6NPeriodic Repostings: OverviewCO
IAOM2Maintain Controlling IntegrationCO
KSW4NDelete Periodic RepostingCO
KSW3NDisplay Periodic RepostingCO
KSC4NDelete Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KSW2NChange Periodic RepostingCO
KSW1NCreate Periodic RepostingCO
KSVCNPlan Distribution: OverviewCO
KSC3NDisplay Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KSC2NChange Actual Indirect Acty Allocation CO
KSVANDelete Plan DistributionCO
KSV9NDisplay Plan DistributionCO
KSU6NActual Assessment: OverviewCO
KB43NDisplay Manual Repostings of RevenueCO
KB13NDisplay Manual Repostings of CostsCO
KB14NReverse Manual Repostings of CostsCO
KB15NEnter Manual AllocationsCO
KB16NDisplay Manual AllocationsCO
KB17NReverse Manual AllocationsCO
KB21NEnter Direct Activity AllocationCO
KB23NDisplay Direct Activity AllocationCO
KB24NReverse Direct Activity AllocationCO
KB31NEnter Statistical Key FiguresCO
KB33NDisplay Statistical Key FiguresCO
KB34NReverse Statistical Key FiguresCO
KB41NEnter Manual Repostings of RevenueCO
KB44NReverse Manual Repostings of RevenueCO
KB51NEnter Sender ActivitiesCO
KB11NEnter Manual Repostings of CostsCO
IW40NOperation Cost OverviewCO
IAOMGDisplay Master Data ExtensionCO
CJ9BSCopy WBS Plan to Plan ( Individual )CO
CJ9CSCopy WBS Actual to Plan ( Individual )CO
CJ9FSCopy Project Costing ( Individual )CO
GTDISGeneral Table DisplayCO
IAOM0Business Scenario TranslatorCO
IAOM1Maintain Controlling ScenarioCO
IAOM3Business Scen. Group Account . Assgt ManagerCO
IAOM4Business Scenario ExtensionCO
IAOMALog for Account Assignment ManagerCO
IAOMBDelete Acc. Assignment Manager LogCO
IAOMCObject Link Analysis Account ManagementCO
IAOMDLogbook ParametersCO
IAOMECheck and Correct Contr.Type Determ.CO
IAOMFAccount Assgmt Manager Logbook AnalysisCO
KB53NDisplay Sender ActivitiesCO
KOW1NCreate Periodic RepostingCO
KEOC1Settings for EntOrg Cost CentersCO
KEOC2Settings for EntOrg Profit CenterCO
KEOP2Print Enterprise OrganizationCO
KEOD2Reset Inactive Profit CentersCO
KEOD3Reset Inactive Business ProcessCO
KEOG1Generate Standard HierarchyCO
KEOG3Replace Standard HierarhcyCO
KOW2NChange Periodic RepostingCO
KEOP1Print Standard HierarchyCO
KEOG2Generate Alternative HierarchyCO
KIS6NSegment Adjustment: OverviewCO
KOW3NDisplay Periodic RepostingCO
KEOA3Activate ProcessesCO
KEOA2Activate Profit CentersCO
KEOD1Reset Inactive Cost CentersCO
KB54NReverse Sender ActivitiesCO
KEOA1Activate Cost CentersCO
KB33NPDisplay Statistical Key FiguresCO
KB13NPDisplay Manual Repostings of CostsCO
OKEONXChange standard hierarchy: UO activeCO
KB11NPEnter Manual Repostings of CostsCO
OKENNXDisplay stand.hierarchy: UO activeCO
KP34ERMaintain CO Planner ProfilesCO
KB54NPReverse Sender ActivitiesCO
IAOOMAArchiving Release Account Mgmt OMCO
KP91NIDelete Planning DataCO
KSCYC3Display Cycle/Segment ObjectsCO
KB17NPReverse Manual AllocationsCO
KEWUSLWhere-Used List for Cycles (PA)CO
KP34BPMaintain CO Planner ProfilesCO
KB51NPEnter Sender ActivitiesCO
KB14NPReverse Manual Repostings of CostsCO
KB34NPReverse Statistical Key FiguresCO
KB31NPEnter Statistical Key FiguresCO
KB24NPReverse Direct Activity AllocationCO
KEOAP3Display Alter. Profit Center Struct.CO
KB23NPDisplay Direct Activity AllocationCO
KB53NPDisplay Sender ActivitiesCO
KB21NPEnter Direct Activity AllocationCO
KP90NIDelete Planned CostsCO
KEOAP2Change Altern. Profit Center Struct.CO
KB15NPEnter Manual AllocationsCO
KP34PCMaintain CO Planner ProfilesCO
KB16NPDisplay Manual AllocationsCO
KSWUSLWhere-Used List: Cycles in CCACO
IAOCPRCDelete and Clean UpCO
IAOCPRALog Entries for Cockpit (cProjects)CO
COCPCPRCockpit for Controlling IntegrationCO
OIUN_OPMulti level OperationsCO
KEOC2APAltern. Profit Center Struct. ActiveCO
IAOCPRBMarking of Errors ManuallyCO
QISR_BCKISR: Popup for Editing in the PortalCO
KA03COREDisplay Cost ElementsCO
QISRCONFISR Wizard Initial ScreenCO
FCOM_AIHActivate Inactive HierarchiesCO
IAOMA_DBAcc. Assignment Man. Log w.Test Run Debug.CO
OKPLAMDTCCA Planning in Manager's DesktopCO
SURSETUPSurvey: Basic SettingsCO
KS02COREMaintain Cost CentersCO
SURTRANSSurvey: Transport LinkCO
RKE_KA03Start KA03CO
RKE_KS03Start KS03CO
KL03COREDisplay Activity TypesCO
KL02COREMaintain Activity TypesCO
KA02COREMaintain Cost ElementsCO
KS03COREDisplay Cost CentersCO
BATCHMANTransfer of External CO DataCO
COCPCPRECockpit for Controlling IntegrationCO
QISRLISTISR Wizard: List of ScenariosCO
BP_SETS_2Change Budget Period GroupCO
OKPLACTRLTransfer Plan Data from Foreign Sys.CO
BP_SETS_3Display Budget Period GroupCO
BP_SETS_1Create Budget Period GroupCO
QISR_SM29ISR Customizing: Table TransferCO
COINTCOCPCockpit for Controlling IntegrationCO
FCOM_GROUPNavigate to Group SAPGui transactionCO
IAOM_BEMOTSettlement:Activate Accntng Indicat.CO
SE16N_ROLEGeneral Table DisplayCO
CRMSRVCOCPCockpit for Controlling IntegrationCO
KBXXN_CUSTDefine Posting VariantsCO
IAOM_SOURCECRM Assgnmnt of Settlement ReceiverCO
QISRSCENARIOCustomizing SzenarioCO
KCRMCO_CSCENExtended Service Process AnalysisCO
QISRTRANSPORTISR Customizing TransportCO
FM_SETS_FUND1Create Fund GroupCO
FM_SETS_FUND2Change Fund GroupCO
FM_SETS_FUND3Display Fund GroupCO
FM_SETS_FIPEX3Display Commitment Item GroupCO
FM_SETS_FIPEX2Change Commitment Item GroupCO
GM_SETS_GRANT3Display Grant GroupCO
FM_SETS_FIPEX1Create Commitment Item GroupCO
KCRMCO_CRM_SELService Process AnalysisCO
FM_SETS_FICTR3Display Funds Center GroupCO
GM_SETS_GRANT1Create Grant GroupCO
GM_SETS_GRANT2Change Grant GroupCO
FM_SETS_FICTR2Change Funds Center GroupCO
FM_SETS_FICTR1Create Funds CenterCO
KCRMCO_CRM_DETAnalyze Service ContractCO
GM_SETS_SPPROG2Change Sponsored Program GroupCO
GM_SETS_SPPROG1Create Sponsored Program GroupCO
GM_SETS_SPPROG3Display Sponsored Program GroupCO
FCOM_COSTCENTERNavigation to Backend APICO
GM_SETS_SPCLASS2Change Sponsored Class GroupCO
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG1Create Funded Program GroupCO
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG2Change Funded Program GroupCO
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG3Display Funded Program GroupCO
QISRSCENARIO_OVSISR Scenario - Extended Search HelpCO
GM_SETS_SPCLASS3Display Sponsored Class GroupCO
GM_SETS_SPCLASS1Create Sponsored Class GroupCO
FCOM_ACTIVITYTYPEChange planning indicatorCO
FM_SETS_FUNCTION2Change Functional Area GroupCO
FM_SETS_FUNCTION1Create Functional Area GroupCO
FM_SETS_FUNCTION3Display Functional Area GroupCO
FCOM_NAV_DELEGATORNavigation DelegatorCO
KCRMCO_GENERIC_DETGeneric Detailed ReportCO
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Controlling (CO) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tcodes

0KM1CO Variant Maintenance: Cost CentersCO-OM
CJN1Revaluation at Actual Prices : Projects / WBS Elements / NetworksCO-OM
BD28Send obj/cost element control dataCO-OM
BD27Send cost center activity pricesCO-OM
BD24Send Cost ElementsCO-OM
CJ70Maintain Project Settlement LIsCO-OM
CJIGDisplay PS Cash DocumentsCO-OM
0KWDDelete Business ProcessesCO-OM
0KW3CO Variant Maintenance: CO-OM-ABCCO-OM

Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tcodes

SAP Product Cost Controlling Tcodes

KKBB_ORD_46CTarget/Actual Comparison for OrdersCO-PC
INV_DISPLAY_MATDisplay Material Master/Price AnalysCO-PC