SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - CKM9

DescriptionShow Customizing Settings for Plant
Program NameSAPRCKMG
Transaction TypeR
ModuleControllingProduct Cost ControllingActual Costing/Material Ledger

The SAP TCode CKM9 is used for the task : Show Customizing Settings for Plant. The TCode belongs to the CKML package.

SAP TCode CKM9 - Show Customizing Settings for Plant

SAP Actual Costing/Material Ledger Tcodes

OMXCRules for Name FormationCO-PC-ACT
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CKMACDValue Flow Display for Activity TypesCO-PC-ACT
CKMCCDManChang: Display Actual CC SplitCO-PC-ACT
OMX7Definition ML Movement Type GroupsCO-PC-ACT
FCML1Transfer Depreciation to COCO-PC-ACT
CKMLQSValuated Quantity Structure(M-level)CO-PC-ACT
CKMJDisplay Organizational MeasuresCO-PC-ACT
CKMCConsistency Check for a MaterialCO-PC-ACT
CKRU07Plants in Costing RunsCO-PC-ACT
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