SAP Credit Control Area Tcodes (Transaction Codes)

OKKSSet Controlling AreaCO-OM
OKKPMaintain Controlling AreaCO-OM
OKKAMaintain Controlling AreaCO-OM
OVBDAssign Credit Control AreaSD-BF-CM
OX06Controlling Area: Basic DataCO
8KALControlling Areas: ALE for PCAEC-PCA-BS
OKKP2Controlling Area: ALE SettingsCO-OM
OKKP1Controlling Area: ALE SettingsCO-OM
0KE5EC-PCA: Controlling Area SettingsEC-PCA
OK01Controlling Area: Components/StKFsCO-OM
CNV_20306_TEXT_MAPDescriptions for Controlling AreasCA-EUR
CNV_20306_ME_KOKRSMap. Template for Controlling AreasCA-EUR
FEV1Controlling area dependent parameterFI
CNV_20306_TX_KOKRSMapping Descr. for Controlling AreasCA-EUR
OX19Controlling Area: Assignment to CCodeCO-OM
EC16Organizational Object Copier: Controlling AreaCA-CUS
EC03Organizational Object Copier: Controlling AreaCA-CUS
2KE5PrCtr: Data control distributionEC-PCA
AO31Specify Depreciation AreaFI-AA-AA
ABGFCredit Memo in Year after InvoiceFI-AA-AA
ANK1 Chart -of- Depreciation -Department Control Specific FI-AA-AA
ABCOAdjustment Posting to AreasFI-AA-AA
8KEUDeactivate C&V Profile in CO AreaEC-PCA-BS
8KEQAssign Currency + Valuation Profile to COAreaEC-PCA-BS
8KEPActivate Currency + Valuation Profile in COAreaEC-PCA-BS
8KALControlling Areas: ALE for PCAEC-PCA-BS
2KEBPrCtr: Data control distributionEC-PCA
2KE7PrCtr: Data control assessmentEC-PCA
ABUBTransfer between areasFI-AA-AA
2KE1PrCtr: Data control assessmentEC-PCA
1KEGCallup view maintenance with COAreaEC-PCA-BS
0KW1CO Area Settings, Business ProcessesCO-OM-ABC
VXLXLegal Control: SLS: Simulation Customer SD-BF
0KE5EC-PCA: Controlling Area SettingsEC-PCA
AO32Assign net worth tax areaFI-AA-AA
ABGLEnter Credit Memo in Year of InvoiceFI-AA-AA
AO21Screen layout for depreciation areasFI-AA-AA