SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - DECK

DescriptionCash Holding Years
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial AccountingFunds Management

The SAP TCode DECK is used for the task : Cash Holding Years. The TCode belongs to the FMBS package.

SAP TCode DECK - Cash Holding Years

SAP Funds Management Tcodes

FMW2Change Funds BlockFI-FM
FMWPM4Approve Fund Block for Value Adjust.FI-FM
FMCIEDisplay Commitment Item: HierarchyFI-FM
F8+4Maintain Account Assignment GroupsFI-FM
FMGXCommitment Item Issue to UNIX-FileFI-FM
OFMR3Maintain Account Assgmt Transfer RulesFI-FM
FME9Translation Tool - DrilldownFI-FM
FMUGDisplay Reasons for DecisionFI-FM
OFK4Maintain CriteriaFI-FM
FMZPM4Funds commit: Approve value adjust.FI-FM
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