SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - F-63

SAP TcodeF-63
DescriptionPark Vendor Invoice
Program NameSAPLF040
Screen Number100
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial Accounting

The SAP TCode F-63 is used for the task : Park Vendor Invoice. The TCode belongs to the FIBP package.

SAP TCode F-63 - Park Vendor Invoice

SAP Financial Accounting Tcodes

F-52Post Incoming PaymentsFI
OBVCUC FI Maintain View ClusterFI
FQUDCustomer QueriesFI
J1GCHLCash in hands informationFI
FBE1Create Payment AdviceFI
F.71DME with Disk: B/Excha. PresentationFI
J1G5MYF - Load vendor dataFI
F-29Post Customer Down PaymentFI
FBD9Enter Recurring EntryFI
J1GJRAAdmin tool for Journal official runsFI
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