SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - F.25

SAP TcodeF.25
DescriptionBill of Exchange List
Program NameSAPMS38M
Screen Number101
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial Accounting

The SAP TCode F.25 is used for the task : Bill of Exchange List. The TCode belongs to the FIBP package.

SAP TCode F.25 - Bill of Exchange List

SAP Financial Accounting Tcodes

J1GSW.Tax accountsFI
OBWQPayment Release Document TypesFI
F.42A/P: Account BalancesFI
FV65Park Incoming Credit MemosFI
FK10NAVendor Balance DisplayFI
FB03Display DocumentFI
FB00Accounting Editing OptionsFI
F-32Clear CustomerFI
F13EAutomatic Clearing With CurrencyFI
J1GTDLDual Acc.System Reconcil.TableFI
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