SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - FBZ3

DescriptionIncoming Payments Fast Entry
Program NameSAPMF05A
Screen Number123
Transaction TypeT
ModuleFinancial Accounting

The SAP TCode FBZ3 is used for the task : Incoming Payments Fast Entry. The TCode belongs to the FIBP package.

SAP TCode FBZ3 - Incoming Payments Fast Entry

SAP Financial Accounting Tcodes

FEV10Secondary cost elem. to be ignoredFI
F13EAutomatic Clearing With CurrencyFI
J1GSL1Control tableFI
F.23A/R: Account BalancesFI
F-57Vendor Noted ItemFI
FERETransport periodic parametersFI
F.25Bill of Exchange ListFI
F.21A/R: Open ItemsFI
F-37Customer Down Payment RequestFI
F-31Post Outgoing PaymentsFI
Full List of SAP Financial Accounting Tcodes