SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - FJA5

DescriptionInfl. Adj. of Open Receivables (LC)
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial AccountingLocalization

The SAP TCode FJA5 is used for the task : Infl. Adj. of Open Receivables (LC). The TCode belongs to the J1AI package.

SAP TCode FJA5 - Infl. Adj. of Open Receivables (LC)

SAP Localization Tcodes

J1AQDisplay Index definitionFI-LOC
J1IRData DownloadFI-LOC
IDPH1Currency Diffs for Partial PaymentsFI-LOC
FTRUECost of Sales StatementFI-LOC
J1BFCreate Entries for Output TypeFI-LOC
J1I9Number ranges for excise invoiceFI-LOC
J1IZMaintain W. Tax Section info.FI-LOC
J1INUMNumber Group for Internal Challan NoFI-LOC
J1I3Modvat utilzation in batchFI-LOC
J1BRConditions: V_T681F for B NFFI-LOC
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