SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - FNL4

DescriptionNew business
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial ServicesLoans Management

The SAP TCode FNL4 is used for the task : New business. The TCode belongs to the FVVD package.

SAP TCode FNL4 - New business

SAP Loans Management Tcodes

FNRSReversal Accrual/DeferralFS-CML
FN16Change borrower's note contractFS-CML
FNA0Policy application in contractFS-CML
FNX3Rollover: Display TableFS-CML
FNO5Create collateralFS-CML
FN22Display borrower's note offerFS-CML
FN88Display Write-Off Debit PositionFS-CML
FNA9Policy Offer WithdrawalFS-CML
FN80Enter manual debit positionFS-CML
PBCYCustomer Account Assign. Reference (FX)FS-CML
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