SAP Loans Management (FS-CML) Tcodes

FNQFSwiss interest adjustment runFS-CML
FNO2Change ObjectFS-CML
FZBWSelection for status transfers - DWFS-CML
FNN9Edit general overall fileFS-CML
FNN8Display general main fileFS-CML
FNN7Edit general main fileFS-CML
FNN6Display general main fileFS-CML
FNN5Edit general fileFS-CML
FNN4Display General FileFS-CML
FZBXCustomizing status definit. D:D, W, IFS-CML
FZBYSelection for status transfers - DIFS-CML
FNM6Post Interest on ArrearsFS-CML
FNM5Automatic debit position simulationFS-CML
FNM4Undisclosed assignmentFS-CML
FNM3Loans reversal moduleFS-CML
FNM2Balance sheet transferFS-CML
FZC4Maintain RatingsFS-CML
FNM1Automatic PostingFS-CML
FNO3Display ObjectFS-CML
FNO5Create collateralFS-CML
FNQ9Int. adjustment runFS-CML
FNQ8Automatic Clearing for OverpaymentsFS-CML
FNQ7Generate flow typeFS-CML
FNQ6Compare Flow Type/Account Determination FS-CML
FNQ5Transact.type - Account determinat.adj.FS-CML
FNQ2New Business StatisticsFS-CML
FNP9Rollover: Edit overall fileFS-CML
FNP8Rollover: Display overall fileFS-CML
FNP7Rollover: Edit main fileFS-CML
FNP6Rollover: Display main fileFS-CML
FNP5Rollover: Edit FileFS-CML
FNP4Rollover: Display fileFS-CML
FNP0Edit rollover manuallyFS-CML
FNO9Create Collateral from FileFS-CML
FNO8Create Objects from FileFS-CML
FNO7Display collateralFS-CML
FNO6Change collateralFS-CML
FZC5Maintain Legal EntityFS-CML
FZC6Maintain Product Types-DW (
FNL4New businessFS-CML
FNL3Rollover: Display Main File StructureFS-CML
FNL2Rollover: Change Main FileFS-CML
FNL1Rollover: Create Main FileFS-CML
FNKOCondition types - Condition groups allocationFS-CML
FNK1Loans to Managers (GBA15)FS-CML
FNK0Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14)FS-CML
FNIPDisplay collateral valueFS-CML
FNIOChange collateral valueFS-CML
FZCRSelection for Status Definitions- DIFS-CML
FZCSTransaction type - DDFS-CML
FZCTTransaction type - DWFS-CML
FNV2Change mortgage contractFS-CML
FZCVTransaction type - DIFS-CML
FZCXSpecial Indicator for LoansFS-CML
FZCYDetermine Special InterestFS-CML
FZLRVV Returned debit memosFS-CML
FNL5New businessFS-CML
FNL6New businessFS-CML
FZC7Maintain Product Types-DW(CoCd data)FS-CML
FZC8Maintain Changes in Net AssetsFS-CML
FZC9Maintain Valuation TypesFS-CML
FZCAMaintain Ownership ShareFS-CML
FZCBFlow types relationship keysFS-CML
FZCCMaintain VV Status DefinitionFS-CML
FZCDMaintain Int. Status Delivery MatrixFS-CML
FZCEMaintain Condition Type (DW)FS-CML
FZCFMaintain Condition Type (DD)FS-CML
FZCGMaintain Condition Group (DW)FS-CML
FZCHMaintain Condition Group (DD)FS-CML
FZCJMaintain Product Types-DD (
FZCKMaintain Product Types-DD(CoCd Data)FS-CML
FZCNStatus DefinitionsFS-CML
FZCOCustomizing Status TransferFS-CML
FZCPSelection for Status Definitions -DDFS-CML
FZCQSelection for Status Definitions -DWFS-CML
FZNBPayment Post-ProcessingFS-CML
FNQGSwiss special interest runFS-CML
FVZAInflow/outflow list reportFS-CML
FNY3New Business: Display TableFS-CML
FNY2New Business: Change TableFS-CML
FNY1New Business: Create TableFS-CML
FNXUList of Imported LoansFS-CML
FNXDTR-EDT: DocumentationFS-CML
FNX8Rollover: Print TableFS-CML
FNX7Rollover: Deactivate TableFS-CML
FNX6Rollover: Delete TableFS-CML
FNX3Rollover: Display TableFS-CML
FNX2Rollover: Change TableFS-CML
FNX1Rollover: Create TableFS-CML
FNWSHousing statisticsFS-CML
FNWOLoans: Fast ProcessingFS-CML
FNWFWF Loans Release: List of Work ItemsFS-CML
FNVWWithdraw or Reduce ContractFS-CML
FNVSDisplay ContractFS-CML
FNVRReactivate ContractFS-CML
FNY6New Business: Delete TableFS-CML
FNY7New Business: Deactivate TableFS-CML
FZBNBAV Control of Cost ElementsFS-CML
FW56Customizing user-specific loan keyFS-CML
FW57Customizing user-specific loan keyFS-CML
FZ30Customizing restraint on disposalFS-CML
FZ91Customer input per product typeFS-CML
FZBATransact. types relationship tab.-DDFS-CML
FZBBTransact.types relationship tab.-DWFS-CML
FZBCTransact types relationship tab. -DIFS-CML
FZBD Allocation program transaction types - DDFS-CML
FZBE Allocation program transaction types - DWFS-CML
FZBGRatio Table for For.Exch Rate ConverFS-CML
FZBHExchange Rate Calculation IndicatorFS-CML
FN_2Table maintenance transf. partnerFS-CML
FN_1Table maintenance transferred loansFS-CML
FNZAAccount Determination CustomizingFS-CML
FNY8New Business: Print TableFS-CML
FNVMChange ContractFS-CML
FNVILoans: General OverviewFS-CML
FNSBMaster data summaryFS-CML
FZBPContracting Party/Class RelatnshipsFS-CML
FNSAForeign currency valuationFS-CML
FNRSReversal Accrual/DeferralFS-CML
FNRIPortfolio Analysis Discount/PremiumFS-CML
FZBRCustomer trns types per post.appl.-DDFS-CML
FNREDO NOT USE:Reverse Incoming PaymentsFS-CML
FNRDDisplay incoming paymentsFS-CML
FNRCAccruals/deferrals resetFS-CML
FZBUCustomizing Status TransferFS-CML
FZBVSelection for status transfers - DDFS-CML
FNRBPlanned Record UpdateFS-CML
FNRAOther accruals/deferralsFS-CML
FNR9Planning ListFS-CML
FNR8Account StatementFS-CML
FNR7Totals and Balance ListFS-CML
FNR6Insur.prtfolio trends - NEWFS-CML
FNSLBalance reconciliation listFS-CML
FNT0Loan correspondence (Switzerland)FS-CML
FZBKDebit form type FVV/DDFS-CML
FNVDDisburse ContractFS-CML
FZBMDarwin Real Estate Objects FVVFS-CML
FNVACreate paid off contractsFS-CML
FNV9Policy Contract WIthdrawalFS-CML
FNV8Display policy contractFS-CML
FNV7Change policy contractFS-CML
FNV6Create policy contractFS-CML
FNV5Disburse ContractFS-CML
FNV4Contract Full / Partial RecissionFS-CML
FNV3Display mortgage contractFS-CML
FNV1Create mortgage contractFS-CML
FNV0Payoff policy contractFS-CML
FZBOClassification of Contracting PartyFS-CML
FNT2Copy text modules to clientFS-CML
FNT1Automatic Deadline MonitoringFS-CML
FNR0Loans: Posting JournalFS-CML
FZPFPartner payment detailsFS-CML
FNAHReactivate del. other loan int.partyFS-CML
FN8AManual Entry: Unscheduled RepaymentFS-CML
FN88Display Write-Off Debit PositionFS-CML
FN87Change Write-Off Debit PositionFS-CML
FN85Display WaiverFS-CML
FNO1Create ObjectFS-CML
FN82Display manual debit positionFS-CML
FN81Change manual debit positionFS-CML
FN80Enter manual debit positionFS-CML
FN63Display collateral valueFS-CML
FN62Change collateral valueFS-CML
FN61Create collateral valueFS-CML
FN5VPayoff other loan contractFS-CML
FN5AOther loan application in contractFS-CML
FN4VWithdraw/Reduce Other Loan ContractFS-CML
FN4AWthdrw/Reduce Other Loan ApplicationFS-CML
FN45Other loan interested prty in cntrctFS-CML
FN44Other loan in applic.FS-CML
FN8BManual Entry: Other Business OperationsFS-CML
FN8CEnter Single PostingsFS-CML
FN8DPost Planned RecordsFS-CML
FNAGReactvtn of Deleted Other Loan OfferFS-CML
FNAEReactivation of Deleted Policy Application FS-CML
FNADReactivation of Deleted Policy OfferFS-CML
FNACReactivate deleted mortgage contractFS-CML
FNABReactivation of Deleted Mort.Applic.FS-CML
FNAAReactivation of Deleted Mort. OfferFS-CML
FNA9Policy Offer WithdrawalFS-CML
FNA8Display Policy OfferFS-CML
FNA7Change Policy OfferFS-CML
FNA6Create Policy OfferFS-CML
FNA5Mortgage Offer in ContractFS-CML
FNA4Mortgage Offer WithdrawalFS-CML
FNA3Display Mortgage Loan OfferFS-CML
FNA2Change Mortgage OfferFS-CML
FNA1Create Mortgage OfferFS-CML
FNA0Policy application in contractFS-CML
FN8XBusiness Operations: WorkplaceFS-CML
FN43Delete other loan interested partyFS-CML
FN42Display other loan interested partyFS-CML
FN17Display borrower's note contractFS-CML
FN16Change borrower's note contractFS-CML
FN15Create borrower's note contractFS-CML
FN13Delete borrower's note orderFS-CML
FN12Display borrower's note orderFS-CML
FN11Change borrower's note orderFS-CML
FN09Create Borrower's Note OrderFS-CML
FN-6Number range maintenance: FVVD_RPNRFS-CML
FN-5Number range maintenance: FVVD_SNBNRFS-CML
FN-4Number range maintenance: FVVD_PNNRFS-CML
FN-1Number range: FVVD_RANL (Loan number)FS-CML
FMN9Loans: Due date list for posted documentFS-CML
FMN8Loans: Due Date List for Pl. RecordsFS-CML
FDOOBorrower's notes order overviewFS-CML
FD-1Number range maintenance: FVVD_RANLFS-CML
EMU2Reset Conversion to EUROFS-CML
EMU1Convert Loans to EUROFS-CML
FN18Payoff borrower's note contractFS-CML
FN1ACreate other loan contractFS-CML
FN1VCreate other loan contractFS-CML
FN41Change other loan interested partyFS-CML
FN40Create other loan interested partyFS-CML
FN3VDisplay other loan contractFS-CML
FN3ADisplay other loan applicationFS-CML
FN35Policy interested party in contractFS-CML
FN34Policy interested party in applic.FS-CML
FN33Delete policy interested partyFS-CML
FN32Display policy interested partyFS-CML
FN31Change policy interested partyFS-CML
FN30Create policy interested partyFS-CML
FN2VChange other loan contractFS-CML
FN2AChange other loan applicationFS-CML
FN24Activate borrower's note offerFS-CML
FN23Delete borrower's note offerFS-CML
FN22Display borrower's note offerFS-CML
FN21Change borrower's note offerFS-CML
FN20Create borrower's note offerFS-CML
FN84Change waiverFS-CML
FNAIReactivate deleted other loan cntrctFS-CML
FNG3Loan CommitmentFS-CML
FZR3Display Rating AgencyFS-CML
FN19Wthdrw/Red. Borrower's Note ContractFS-CML
FNG2Total Loan CommitmentFS-CML
FNFURollover: Update fileFS-CML
FNFTRollover: File evaluationFS-CML
FNFQISIS: Display fileFS-CML
FNF9Rollover: EvaluationsFS-CML
FNF4Rollover: Fill fileFS-CML
FNF3Rollover: Display fileFS-CML
FNF1Rollover: Create fileFS-CML
FZXRFlow types per posting applicationFS-CML
FZZBCustomer : Sort criteria selectionFS-CML
FZZCCustomizing: Sort criteria valuesFS-CML
FNIBChange inquiryFS-CML
FZR2Change Rating AgencyFS-CML
FNINCreate collateral valueFS-CML
FNILDisplay Credit StandingFS-CML
FNIKChange Credit StandingFS-CML
FNIJCreate credit standingFS-CML
FNIEReactivate Interested PartyFS-CML
FNIDDeactivate Interested PartyFS-CML
FNICDisplay InquiryFS-CML
FNIACreate inquiryFS-CML
FNI6Mortgage application in contractFS-CML
FNI5Mortgage application to offerFS-CML
FNI4Mortgage Application WithdrawalFS-CML
FNI3Display Mortgage Loan ApplicationFS-CML
FNI2Change mortgage applicationFS-CML
FNI1Create mortgage applicationFS-CML
FZR1Create Rating AgencyFS-CML
FNF2Rollover: Change fileFS-CML
FZZECustzomizing: IPD-transaction typesFS-CML
OT76Reconstruct CM from LoansFS-CML
PBCYCustomer Account Assign. Reference (FX)FS-CML
PBCXCustomer Account Assign. Reference (MM)FS-CML
FNDDConvert Dunning Data in Dunn.HistoryFS-CML
FNBTBalance Sheet TransferFS-CML
FNCDTransfer Customizing for DunningFS-CML
FNBGGuarantee charges listFS-CML
FNBDLoans-Automatic bal.sheet transferFS-CML
FNB3Document Reversal - LoansFS-CML
FNB2Transfer from a LoanFS-CML
PBCZCustomer Account Assign. Reference (DE)FS-CML
PSSDCheck BNL flow typesFS-CML
FNAKSelect File NumberFS-CML
FNALReactivate deleted BNL contractFS-CML
FNAMReactivate deleted policy contractFS-CML
FNB1Transfer to a LoanFS-CML
FZZDCustomizing: Planned item-searchFS-CML
FNCP4Reorganize change pointersFS-CML
FNEXPExport Interface LoansFS-CML
FNINLEdit Installment LoanFS-CML
FNM1SAutomatic Posting - SingleFS-CML
FNCW4Activate/Deactivate WorkflowFS-CML
FNRLZStatement of Remaining TermsFS-CML
FNM1PAutomatic Posting (parallelized)FS-CML
FNRBPPlanned Record Update (parallelized)FS-CML
FNCP1Generate Change Pointers ManuallyFS-CML
FNCP3Display change pointersFS-CML
FNASLLoans: Account AnalysisFS-CML
FNPADPrepare New Auto DebitFS-CML
FNSTAProcessing CharacteristicsFS-CML
FNCW1Responsibilities for Agent AssgnmentFS-CML
FNCW2Administrative ResponsibilityFS-CML
FNCW3Assign Agents to TasksFS-CML
FNSFPContracts for the Finance ProjectFS-CML
RFVPARDisplay Initialization DateFS-CML
FNENSSDCreate Borrower's Note LoanFS-CML
FNENPOLCreate Policy LoanFS-CML
FNENALGCreate General LoanFS-CML
FNENHYPCreate Mortgage LoanFS-CML
FNWF_REPRelease Workflow: SynchronizationFS-CML
FNVD_TRLDisburse ContractFS-CML
FNESRNRRNumber Range Maintenance : FVVD_ESRINFS-CML
FNESRIN01CML: Invoice PrintingFS-CML
FNLS_ACTMSet Status Actual CompletedFS-CML
FNM1_NODDAutomatic PostingFS-CML
FNARCEXCLSet /Delete Archiving LockFS-CML
RFVOBJ01CSStructure for Object TransferFS-CML
RFVSIC01CSStructure for Collateral TransferFS-CML
FN_MIG_CMSDeletion of Data After Migration CMSFS-CML
FNM1S_NODDAutomatic Posting - SingleFS-CML
FNDOCSSHOWDisplay Individual DocumentsFS-CML
ACCT_DETERReport for Account DeterminationFS-CML
FNMULTIARCArchive Document DataFS-CML
FNSARACUSTCustomizing Loan Archiving CMLFS-CML
FNINL_EDITChange Installment LoanFS-CML
FNLS_PLANSSet Status Planned CompletedFS-CML
FNLS_PLANMSet Status Planned CompletedFS-CML
FNLS_CONTSReset Planned Completed to ContractFS-CML
FNARCADMINArchiving AdministrationFS-CML
FNARCHIVINGLoan Document ArchivingFS-CML
FNRELOADINGReload Archived DocumentsFS-CML
FN_ACC_STMTReprint of Account StatementFS-CML
FNDD_CREATETransaction for drawdown creationFS-CML
FN_CBR_INFODisplay Files for Credit BureauFS-CML
FN_POST_INLPost Planned Records from WorklistFS-CML
FTLC_TBSCOPSAPscript: Standard TextsFS-CML
FNARCSTATUSDisplay Archiving StatusFS-CML
FN_CORR_MASSCreate Annual Interest StatementFS-CML
FNVCOMPREXCLSet /Delete Archiving LockFS-CML
FNARCANALYZECheck Whether Documents Can Be ArchivedFS-CML
FNESRTDTZB0ACML Corr.: Seq. Invoice PrintingFS-CML
FNESRTDT049ECML Corr.: Posting Area - Part. Number FS-CML
FNRB_WORKLISTUpdate Planned Records from WorklistFS-CML
FNAPPOFF_DISPDisplay Loan Application/OfferFS-CML
FNINL_DISPLAYDisplay Installment LoanFS-CML
FN_CBR_PROCESSCreate Files for Credit BureauFS-CML
FNVCOMPRESSIONLoans: Document Data SummarizationFS-CML
FNDEF_PAST_DUEDisplay Open Items After Due DateFS-CML
FNEXP_DET_DATACML: Loans Pooling for Fund MgmtFS-CML
FNMODELCALCSHOWDisplay Archived Model CalculationsFS-CML
FNTDPRODPROFILEAssign Profiles to ProductsFS-CML
FN_RULE_PRODUCTRule Entries for ProductFS-CML
FN_DERI_PRODUCTDerivation Rules for ProductFS-CML
FN_UPD_FELDAUSWUpdate Program for Field SelectionFS-CML
FN_TRLE_CML_TRLComp. CML-BO and Parallel Position MgmtFS-CML
FN_LOANUNIT_ARCArchive Loan Reference UnitsFS-CML
FVD_CORR_HISTORYDisplay Correspondence HistoryFS-CML
FN_SEPA_DD_CHECKCheck SEPA Direct Debit RecordsFS-CML
FN_DAILY_ACCRUALDaily Interest Accrual DisplayFS-CML
FN_RULE_CONDITIONRule Entries for Condition TableFS-CML
FN_RULE_SALES_ORGRule Entries for Organizational UnitFS-CML
FN_DERI_SALES_ORGDerivation Rules for Organizational UnitFS-CML
FN_TRLE_TEST_INITREP: rfvd_test_distributor_initFS-CML
FN_CL_PRODUCT_DELDelete Products - Consumer LoansFS-CML
FNLOS_PRODUCT_DELDelete Products in Aquisition SystemFS-CML
FNINL_PRODUCT_DELDelete Installment Loan ProductsFS-CML
FNLOC_PRODUCT_DELDelete Products - Lines of CreditFS-CML
FN_DERI_CONDITIONDerivation Rules for Condition TableFS-CML
FN_NEW_AUTO_DEBITNew Auto Debit (SEPA Direct Debit)FS-CML
FNGEN_PRODUCT_CREACreating Products for Loans in GenrlFS-CML
FNLOC_PRODUCT_DISPDisplay Products for Lines of CreditFS-CML
FNLOS_PRODUCT_ATTRProcurement of Attrs for Aquisition Syst.FS-CML
FNLOC_PRODUCT_CREACreate Products - Lines of CreditFS-CML
FNINL_PRODUCT_CHNGChanging Products for Instllmt LoansFS-CML
FNINL_PRODUCT_COMPCompare Products for Install. LoansFS-CML
FNINL_PRODUCT_CREACreate Products for Install. LoansFS-CML
FNINL_PRODUCT_DISPDisplay Products for Install. LoansFS-CML
FNLOC_PRODUCT_ATTRProcess Attributes for LoCFS-CML
FNGEN_PRODUCT_CHNGChanging Products for Loans GeneralFS-CML
FNLOC_PRODUCT_CHNGChange Products - Lines of CreditFS-CML
FNINL_PRODUCT_ATTRProcess Attribs for Install. LoansFS-CML
FNLOC_PRODUCT_COMPCompare Products - Lines of CreditFS-CML
FNLOS_PRODUCT_CHNGChange Products for Aquisition Syst.FS-CML
FNLOS_PRODUCT_COMPCompare Products for Aquisition SystFS-CML
FN_CL_PRODUCT_CREACreate Products: Consumer LoansFS-CML
FN_CL_PRODUCT_DISPDisplay Products: Consumer LoansFS-CML
FVD_CORR_PRINT_LOGAppl. Log for Correspond. Print RunFS-CML
FN_TRLE_CHECK_CUSTCheck Customer for Parallel Posit. MgmtFS-CML
FN_RULE_ORIGINATORRule Entries for Loan OriginatorFS-CML
FNGEN_PRODUCT_ATTRProcessing Attrib. for Loans GeneralFS-CML
FN_LOANUNIT_RELOADReload Loan Reference UnitsFS-CML
FN_DERI_ORIGINATORDerivation Rules for OriginatorFS-CML
FN_CL_PRODUCT_CHNGChange Products: Consumer LoansFS-CML
FNLOS_PRODUCT_DISPNumber of Products for Aquisition Syst.FS-CML
FNLOS_PRODUCT_CREACreate Products for Aquisition Syst.FS-CML
FN_CL_PRODUCT_COMPCompare Products - Consumer LoansFS-CML
FN_CL_PRODUCT_ATTRProcess Attributes: Consumer LoansFS-CML
FN_CHANGE_SEPA_DATACheck and Adjust SEPA Data in LoansFS-CML
FN_PRODUCT_BAS_PTYPOptions for Supported Product Cats.FS-CML
FNRB_FAC_PREP_FLOWSGeneration of Plnnd Recs for Facil.FS-CML
FN_PRODUCT_BAS_TAPTAssign Transaction to Production Category & Condition TypeFS-CML
FN_TRLE_INIT_VCLASSInitialization of General Valn ClassFS-CML
FNLOS_PRODUCT_ATTR_DNumber of Attrib. for Aquisition SystemFS-CML
FNLOS_PRODUCT_COMP_CCompare Production for Aqu. Using ClientFS-CML
FN_PRODUCT_KEYP_WORKChange Key Prefix for Product KeyFS-CML
FN_RULE_COMPANY_CODERule Entries for Company CodeFS-CML
FN_CL_PRODUCT_COMP_CComp.Prods.- Cons.Loans Using ClientFS-CML
FNINL_PRODUCT_COMP_CComp. Products Instlmt Loans by ClntFS-CML
FNINL_PRODUCT_ATTR_DDisplay Attributes for Inst. LoansFS-CML
FVD_CORR_PRINT_STARTStart Correspondence Print RunFS-CML
FNLOC_PRODUCT_COMP_CCompare Products - LoC Using ClientFS-CML
FN_DERI_COMPANY_CODEDerivation Rules for Company CodeFS-CML
FN_PRODUCT_BAS_CUSATTable/Struct.Name for Customer AttributesFS-CML
FN_CL_PRODUCT_ATTR_DDisplay Attributes: Consumer LoansFS-CML
FNLOC_PRODUCT_ATTR_DDisplay Attributes for LoCFS-CML
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Loans Management (FS-CML) Sub-Module Wise Tcodes

SAP New business Tcodes

FNINV_ACC_DISPDisplay Investor ContractFS-CML-NB

SAP Portfolio Tcodes

FNCNCLDelete Rescission IndicatorFS-CML-PO
FN_PPO3Display Post-Processing OrderFS-CML-PO
FN_PPO2Edit Post-Processing OrderFS-CML-PO
FNCOT_DISPDisplay Condition TableFS-CML-PO
FNCOT_CREACreate Condition TableFS-CML-PO
FNCOT_CHNGChange Condition TableFS-CML-PO
FN_BILLNUMNumber Range Maintenance Bill NumberFS-CML-PO
FNSIM_CORRSimulate Backdated Condition ChangeFS-CML-PO
FN_BILL_NUMNumber Range Maintenance: FVVD_BILLFS-CML-PO

Full List of SAP Portfolio Tcodes

SAP Accounting Tcodes

FIOAInterest on Arrears CalculationFS-CML-AC