SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - FZBB

DescriptionTransact.types relationship tab.-DW
Program NameSAPL0B06
Screen Number100
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial ServicesLoans Management

The SAP TCode FZBB is used for the task : Transact.types relationship tab.-DW. The TCode belongs to the FTLC package.

SAP TCode FZBB - Transact.types relationship tab.-DW

SAP Loans Management Tcodes

FNWOLoans: Fast ProcessingFS-CML
FNT0Loan correspondence (Switzerland)FS-CML
FNSFPContracts for the Finance ProjectFS-CML
FNA3Display Mortgage Loan OfferFS-CML
FNX6Rollover: Delete TableFS-CML
FN41Change other loan interested partyFS-CML
FNQFSwiss interest adjustment runFS-CML
FNAIReactivate deleted other loan cntrctFS-CML
FN8CEnter Single PostingsFS-CML
FNINCreate collateral valueFS-CML
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