SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - FZBH

DescriptionExchange Rate Calculation Indicator
Program NameSAPL0CUR
Screen Number110
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial ServicesLoans Management

The SAP TCode FZBH is used for the task : Exchange Rate Calculation Indicator. The TCode belongs to the FTLC package.

SAP TCode FZBH - Exchange Rate Calculation Indicator

SAP Loans Management Tcodes

FW56Customizing user-specific loan keyFS-CML
FNK0Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14)FS-CML
FZCCMaintain VV Status DefinitionFS-CML
FMN9Loans: Due date list for posted documentFS-CML
FN20Create borrower's note offerFS-CML
FN3ADisplay other loan applicationFS-CML
FZBNBAV Control of Cost ElementsFS-CML
FNRDDisplay incoming paymentsFS-CML
FNB2Transfer from a LoanFS-CML
FZCSTransaction type - DDFS-CML
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