SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - FZCO

DescriptionCustomizing Status Transfer
Transaction TypeP
ModuleFinancial ServicesLoans Management

The SAP TCode FZCO is used for the task : Customizing Status Transfer. The TCode belongs to the FTLC package.

SAP TCode FZCO - Customizing Status Transfer

SAP Loans Management Tcodes

FZBATransact. types relationship tab.-DDFS-CML
FNV5Disburse ContractFS-CML
FNILDisplay Credit StandingFS-CML
FZCJMaintain Product Types-DD (
FZCQSelection for Status Definitions -DWFS-CML
FZBGRatio Table for For.Exch Rate ConverFS-CML
FN87Change Write-Off Debit PositionFS-CML
FNM3Loans reversal moduleFS-CML
FNO8Create Objects from FileFS-CML
FN24Activate borrower's note offerFS-CML
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