SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - J1UFN1

DescriptionDifference List for Stock
Program NameJ_1UF_LF_N1
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleFinancial Accounting

The SAP TCode J1UFN1 is used for the task : Difference List for Stock. The TCode belongs to the J1UF package.

SAP TCode J1UFN1 - Difference List for Stock

SAP Financial Accounting Tcodes

FBM2Change Sample DocumentFI
FERETransport periodic parametersFI
FB07Control TotalsFI
FOTED1Electr. Data Transmission SettingsFI
F.13Automatic Clearing without CurrencyFI
FBM3Display Sample DocumentFI
F.5GG/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.ErAFI
F.09G/L: Account ListFI
J1GAL4Maintain J_1GIAFI
F-54Clear Vendor Down PaymentFI
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