SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - J2IN

DescriptionNew RT-12 Report
Program NameJ_2IRTN
Screen Number1000
Transaction TypeR
ModuleFinancial AccountingLocalization

The SAP TCode J2IN is used for the task : New RT-12 Report. The TCode belongs to the J2IN package.

SAP TCode J2IN - New RT-12 Report

SAP Localization Tcodes

J1BPOutput CondTable/Change Nota FiscalFI-LOC
GT_ULNCreate Outbound File for GTSFI-LOC
DMEEDMEE: Format Tree Maintenance ToolFI-LOC
J1ISTService Category MaintenanceFI-LOC
J1B2Change Nota FiscalFI-LOC
J2I0Asset InstallationFI-LOC
GT_DLNUpload Inbound File from GTSFI-LOC
J_CLBSBalance sheet (Chile)FI-LOC
J1IJExcise invoice selec. at depot saleFI-LOC
J1IPExcise invoice printFI-LOC
Full List of SAP Localization Tcodes