SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - M/10

SAP TcodeM/10
DescriptionCondition Type: Services
Transaction TypeP
ModuleMaterials ManagementExternal Services

The SAP TCode M/10 is used for the task : Condition Type: Services. The TCode belongs to the ML package.

SAP TCode M/10 - Condition Type: Services

SAP External Services Tcodes

ML42Create Service ConditionsMM-SRV
MSRV3Service List for Purchase OrderMM-SRV
ML93Purchasing Object for ServiceMM-SRV
OMH0Interface to Activity AllocationMM-SRV
M/71Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh.MM-SRV
MLRPPeriodic Invoicing PlansMM-SRV
MEWSService Entry (Component)MM-SRV
ML10Create Model Service SpecificationsMM-SRV
ME2SServices per Purchase OrderMM-SRV
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