SAP TCode (Transaction Code) - M706

SAP TcodeM706
DescriptionMaintain Output Types: Invoice Mgmt
Transaction TypeP
ModuleMaterials ManagementInventory Management

The SAP TCode M706 is used for the task : Maintain Output Types: Invoice Mgmt. The TCode belongs to the MB package.

SAP TCode M706 - Maintain Output Types: Invoice  Mgmt

SAP Inventory Management Tcodes

MBVRManagement Program: ReservationsMM-IM
MB03Display Material DocumentMM-IM
MB5WList of Stock ValuesMM-IM
MI35Batch Input: Post Zero Stock BalanceMM-IM
OMCOSet Cycle CountingMM-IM
OMC7BTCI Data Transfer: Invoice Count + DiffMM-IM
OMBISuggest Items Preselected GRMM-IM
OMWFC MM-IV User MaintenanceMM-IM
MIDOPhysical Inventory OverviewMM-IM
OMCEDefine Batch LevelMM-IM
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